Christmas Object Lesson: The Christmas Card

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Christmas Object Lesson: The Christmas Card
This time of year it is a tradition to send Christmas greetings with Christmas cards. Some cards feature family photos, play music or tell a funny story. Whichever Christmas card your family chooses to send the message is clear — the card is a way to express your holiday greetings. Grab a few of your favorite Christmas cards and bring them to class or buy a box of Christmas cards, one for each child. Choose cards that have a Christian message. These holiday goodies make an ideal Christmas object lesson.
For this lesson, you will need cards, a shoebox mailbox and pens. Sign the card, “Love, God.” Put a card inside the decorated mailbox before class begins. Place the mailbox somewhere children can see it. I like to use a small display table in my teaching area.
“Do you ever go to the mailbox to get the mail for your Mom or Dad? It is fun to get Christmas cards, isn’t it? Who likes to hang up those cards or put them on a refrigerator? Me too! I love cards, I look at them year after year. See this card? It has a pretty picture, a special message and the sender’s signature. This one is from my friend.” Pick up the mailbox and shake it. “It sounds like there is a card in there. Should we open and see who it is from?”
Open the box and take out the card. Open the envelope and read the card aloud. Read the note and show them who signed it. “Isn’t that awesome? Okay, I have to confess, God didn’t really sign this card but He did send us a special message when He sent us Jesus. Every single person gets this special message. Do you know what that is?” Allow kids to tell you what they think God’s message is.
“Those are great thoughts! God’s Christmas message is that He loves the whole world and sent His son Jesus to save us. That is God’s gift and message to us! I have a card for you to take home and share with your family.”
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