Fishers of Men Bulletin Board Idea (Matthew 4:19) for Sunday School

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Fishers of Men Bulletin Board Idea (Matthew 4:19) for Sunday School
For the new year, our church is emphasizing reaching other for Christ. We’ve been talking about how to reach outside of ourselves and getting into the lives of others around us. I wanted the bulletin board as we enter and exit the church to be a reminder of just that. So I came up with being fishers of men. It is based on Matthew 4:19 where Jesus tells the disciples that He will make them “fishers of men”.
My friend gave me the “people puzzle” and I’m not sure where she got it. I’m sure you could find it, or something similar, at Michael’s or JoAnn’s. I thought it was interesting how the people all were connected through each other. The “YOU” and “THEM” were not directly connected, but they were indirectly through other people. So when “YOU” reach out to the few around you, it eventually reaches “THEM”.
We can’t reach everyone by ourselves, but by “fishing” for those around us we will reach the world.

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