January Calendar Coloring Page

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January Calendar Coloring Page
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This free coloring sheet will help children learn to number a calendar and give God praise. Click here to see all the months in our calendar. The calendar page for January show a girl dressed to play in the snow alongside the following words:

Bless us Lord, this January
Set our thoughts on You.
Let us serve you joyfully,
in everything we do!

Directions: You can print this calendar sheet directly from the following links or by clicking on the preview image to the right. Choose your download from the two available file formats.

For younger children, the teacher might want to fill in the number boxes before making copies. Most grade levels can complete the boxes on their own with a little help from the teacher. There is an option sheet with extra events (like birthday & church) for children to cut & paste onto their calendar.
We would love your feedback on this new series. Simply leave a comment below to let us know what you think. Look for more months in this series as the year moves along. If you enjoy this page, you might like Mandy’s free winter coloring pages too.

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  1. Thank you for these your lessons they are really useful and helpful. They are encouraging and the children are enjoying the lessons

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