What kind of church do you serve?

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Our readers come from everywhere (over 120 countries) and from every kind of church. So I thought it would be fun to ask this in a poll. This is not a “popularity” contest. Just like a meet-and-greet at the family reunion!

I asked about the “label” on your church sign because I think all God’s people are one family. It’s fine to have historic differences and different opinions, but we all belong to one Father.

Our writers come from mostly conservative evangelical backgrounds, but we don’t touch on topics debated by fellow Christians. You can read more about on our about page. All our content can be tweaked to fit any church that believes in the Bible.

Each of our writers hold to a Bible-believing evangelical approach to the Christian Faith … we greatly respect our brothers & sisters of all Christian denominations. Therefore we avoid the debated points that separate believers โ€“ meaning we leave it up to your local churches to share their own views on the ordinances and government of the local church. We believe those matters are beyond the scope of our ministry. When you simply teach the Bible, those hot topics donโ€™t usually come up in kids ministry!

As always, study to show yourself approved! Learn from our material but teach from your own convictions of what Godโ€™s Word is saying.

Our main goal it helping kids know Jesus – so that’s something all believers embrace!