Lesson: The Spiritual Discipline of Telling Others

Boy yelling out the news.

This Bible lesson will teach children about the spiritual discipline of evangelism. Sometimes we forget that children can speak God’s truth, even better than grown-ups. (See Matthew 21:16) Telling others about Jesus is also a key for kids to grow in their own faith. This lesson is designed for a smaller group of children, but could be adapted for any Sunday School or Children’s Church setting.

Bible Topic: Telling Others (Evangelism)
Scripture: Matthew 28:19-20
Target Age Group: Elementary (1st -5th grade)
Learning Context: Any small group setting like Sunday School
Target Time Frame: 30 minutes
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Lesson Objective: Children will learn about the spiritual discipline of telling others.

Introduction: Begin the lesson by reading the key verse to the children. For older elementary, encourage a volunteer to read this verse to the group.

Explain: Jesus commands us to tell other people about Him.  Besides our main verse in Matthew, Jesus also speaks of telling others in Mark (16:15), Luke (24:47), and Acts (1:8).  If we wish to be more like Jesus, we should strive to be obedient to the command to tell others about Christ.  Telling others about Jesus doesn’t have to be difficult or complicated.  We can say something as simple as, “let me tell you what Jesus did for me.”

Sometimes it may seem scary to tell others about Jesus, but we have the Holy Spirit with us to guide us as we speak.  Our actions allow others to “see” Jesus in us, and thus show them the Gospel.  If we live in a way that is pleasing to God, others will take notice and may even ask us why we are different.  We have to understand that we as humans have no power to “make someone get saved;” the Holy Spirit must be at work in the person’s life.  It is only our job to tell them and leave the door open for them to accept Jesus as Savior.

Activity: Practice telling others!  Challenge kids to tell friends at school about Jesus.  The next time you meet, ask them to tell you about the conversation they had with those classmates. If time allows, use role playing in the classroom where one child pretends to not know about Jesus.

Craft: Kids can make a beaded bracelet to give to a friend that shares the Gospel message.  You can attach a small piece of paper that tells what each colored bead stands for. We recommend the Wordless Book or Who Will Be King? as tools for kids sharing the Gospel with other children.

  • Black stands for our sin
  • Red stands for Jesus’ blood that took our sins away
  • White stands for our sin washed clean
  • Blue stands for baptism
  • Green stands for us growing in faith
  • Gold stands for our reward in heaven

Bible Memory: Use any of our creative methods to help the children memorize the Matthew 28:19-20 Bible verse from this lesson plan.

Related Resources: You could also use our Gospel Coloring Book. For more about sharing Jesus with children, read our articles on how to witness to kids.


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