Twister Game Bible Object Lessons about Sin

It is no secret that I love classic games! For teaching they work well because classic game brands, like Twister are recognizable and most of the class is familiar with game play rules. I recently found an old Twister game at the local thrift store and was able to put the Twister game mat to use as an object lesson. … More Children’s Ministry Resources

New Candy Bible Object Lessons

Bible Object Lessons about candy

Kids will love these candy object lessons from the Bible. Print this post for a quick children’s sermon our illustration in Sunday School class. I’m a huge candy fan! Not only is it sweet and fun to snack on but candy makes the perfect object lesson. I’ve found that whenever you use edible object lessons, kids attention is riveted to you. … More Children’s Ministry Resources

"Pop Rocks" Bible Object Lessons

Kids that aren’t freaked out about candy that pops in their mouth will love Pop Rocks candy. If you have the change to grab a few packets of this unique, classic confection, do it! It makes the perfect item for an exciting object lesson. You see, when this candy is made, it is infused with carbon dioxide. When the candy … More Children’s Ministry Resources

Bible Object Lessons with Flowers

The flowers are popping with color and these perky blooms make the perfect object lesson. Before class, tip toe through the tulips in your backyard (pun intended) or stop by a grocery store for an inexpensive bouquet. Object lessons with flowers allow kids to “smell” and “see” the Bible come to life. Have enough flowers to send a bloom home … More Children’s Ministry Resources

"Jellybean" Bible Object Lessons

Small, sweet and colorful, this eye-catching candy can’t help but attract attention. Bring a bag of jellybeans to kids’ church or Sunday School as a visual aid for a special bible lesson. Once you have completed the demonstration, dole them out and share the candies with the class. (Have a bag of sugar-free candies available for diabetic or sugar-sensitive kids … More Children’s Ministry Resources

Bible Object Lessons for New School Year (2019)

It’s back to school time! Time for kids to hunker down and learn–and not just at school but in bible class too. What a great time to present kids some important bible principles and lessons! Break out these object lessons for back to school and get kids excited about returning to the classroom. All you need are a few visual … More Children’s Ministry Resources

"Finishing the Race" Bible Object Lessons

“I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.” (2 Timothy 4:7; NIV) That’s a powerful statement by Paul and one that has inspired generations to keep up the fight. If you’ve decided to present this verse to your children’s church or Sunday School class, include these finishing the race object lessons in … More Children’s Ministry Resources

"Glowsticks and Christ In Us" Bible Object Lessons

Glow sticks emit a mysterious-looking light, especially in a darkened room. When you crack a stick and get it glowing, you’ll get the attention of everyone in the class. If you have the ability to darken your classroom, you can use this exciting toy as an object lesson for kids’ church. You can use glow sticks a hundred different ways … More Children’s Ministry Resources

Beach Bible Object Lessons for Kids Church

As warm weather settles in, more families will be making trips to the beach and their favorite water parks. What a perfect time to break out these beach object lessons for kids church! These visual aids are inexpensive and easy to find, perfect for teaching kids important lessons from the Bible. Ready to use some lessons that are just “beachy?” … More Children’s Ministry Resources

Pencil Bible Object Lessons

So what’s the most humble school supply? I’d have to go with the pencil–an item that every child is familiar with. Why not take this tool and use it for an object lesson? From chewed to new, a pencil object lesson is one that kids will remember everytime they reach for one. Just for fun, I developed two object lessons … More Children’s Ministry Resources

"Rubber Band" Bible Object Lessons

Reach in your office drawer and pull out a few rubber bands. That’s all you need to share these object lessons. Bring the Bible to life by presenting this important lessons to kids using these snappy visual aids. Of course, it may be hard to find a volunteer. People don’t like getting popped or snapped. You could really make this … More Children’s Ministry Resources

Cookie Bible Object Lessons

Kids speak a unique language of fun and faith, don’t they? If you want to grab the attention of your young audience, teach using a tasty treat. Not only will they hang on every word (crumb!) they will look forward to snacking on them after the lesson. Try these cookie object lessons if you want to teach about brokenness or … More Children’s Ministry Resources

"Green" Bible Object Lessons for St. Patrick's Day

Every March people around the world, (even the non-Irish) celebrate the life and ministry of St. Patrick with the color green. Like the green countryside of the mother land, Irish fans proudly wear their green ensembles. Why not take advantage of this color’s seasonal popularity by using green for a few object lessons. You can find most of the items … More Children’s Ministry Resources

"Water" Bible Object Lessons

Need a few object lessons for the upcoming month but don’t want to break the bank on supplies? You can do that with inexpensive (okay, cheap) items like a glass or pitcher of water. In the Bible, water is often a symbol for purity and represents the cleansing of sins. That’s a great place to start! You can feature these … More Children’s Ministry Resources

3 Bible Object Lessons Using Building Blocks

Toys make great Bible object lessons because kids know how they work and how much fun they can be. What kid doesn’t own blocks? When you give kids an example of a biblical principle or verse, demonstrated with toys, like building blocks, you’ll grab and keep their attention. Also, building blocks object lessons are perfect for up and coming teachers … More Children’s Ministry Resources

"Peanut Butter Cup" Bible Object Lessons

Lots of people love Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups! This candy is so popular that it shows up in new incarnations every holiday as the Reese’s Peanut Butter Egg or the Christmas Tree. If you break out peanut butter cups in kids church, I can promise you, you will grab their attention. It’s a good idea to bring some mini cups … More Children’s Ministry Resources

"Mirror" Bible Object Lessons

I believe you can teach Bible principles with just about any everyday object, including a plain  hand mirror. I’m sure there are hundreds of ways to use a mirror in your lesson plan but I have had some success with these two mirror object lessons. Feel free to tweak them to fit your needs. Using these Bible verses and a … More Children’s Ministry Resources

"Cupcake" Bible Object Lessons for Kids

Who doesn’t love a cupcake? This delectable treat is inexpensive and it’s the perfect item to use as an object lesson for kids ministry. Cupcakes are great for a holiday lesson or any time of the year. Prepare a batch of cupcakes or if you don’t enjoy baking (like me) you can cheat and purchase some from your local bakery. … More Children’s Ministry Resources

Why You Should Use Bible Object Lessons

One of the skills children’s pastors acquire over the years is the ability to turn any ordinary household item into a passion filled awe inspiring object lesson. I am a huge fan of using objects to teach truth to kids. I believe every time you stand in front of kids you should have some object that helps take an idea … More Children’s Ministry Resources

Free Sunday School Lessons for Kids

Sunday School Lessons for Kids

Download this week’s 100% free Sunday School lesson or find your next Sunday School curriculum series—printable Bible study lessons and activities in Children’s Ministry. Search by scripture, Bible story, or theme. Sunday School Lesson This Week This week, the featured Sunday School lesson is from Mark 5:21-43 when Jesus brings a young girl back to life. Don’t miss the craft … More Children’s Ministry Resources