Memorize the Books of the Bible: Fun Game Ideas for Children’s Ministry

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It’s Back-to-School time and we are all looking to what our kids need to know this year. What would be one of the best things for your kids to learn this year? Well, learning the books of the Bible, of course! Learning the books of the Bible is a wonderful thing for all kids to learn. Here are some fun ways to get the kids in your Sunday School class, Children’s Church, or your own kids at home to learn the books of the Bible.
Ministry To Children: Our website has a wonderful selection of ideas to help teach the books of the Bible. Here are just a few:

Go Fish Guys Bible Book Bop – My kids love this song (they love all of the songs from the Go Fish Guys)!
Games Ideas: Kids love games! Making learning fun is the way to get kids interested and want to learn it. Most of the time, they don’t even know they are learning while you’re playing the game.

  • Cups – Label cups (styrofoam or plastic) with the books of the Bible (one book per cup). Make multiple sets. Split the class into groups and give each group a list of the books of the Bible and a set of cups. Have the kids put the cups in order (maybe even racing against the other teams, if you like the competition).
  • Cards – Same idea as the cups (above), except it’s with index cards instead of cups.
  • Signs – Write the names of the books of the Bible on pieces of paper. Take 5-10 of the books at a time (whichever ones you are learning at the time) and post them around the room. When you call out a book of the Bible, have the kids run to that sign. When they get there, they yell out the name.
  • Play hangman with a book name.
  • Have them find the book in their Bible. This could be done individually or as a small group.
  • Before or After – Having a book in mind, say the book that is before or after the one you’re thinking of. Example: If you are thinking of Mark, you could say, “I’m thinking of the book that is after Matthew” or you could say, “I’m thinking of the book that is before Luke”.

Teaching about the Bible is a thrilling adventure, packed with vibrant Bible studies, dynamic lesson plans, and captivating learn-the-books-of-the-bible worksheets! When teaching the Bible to different age groups like kindergarteners or youth, it’s crucial to amp up the excitement by tailoring the material and approach to their unique needs and learning styles. For instance, when teaching the books of the Bible to preschoolers, dive into hands-on activities and colorful visual aids to spark their interest, while engaging older youth in thought-provoking discussions and deep analysis of Bible lessons. Immerse your students in activities that teach them how to navigate the Bible like pros, exploring the different books and understanding the context of Scripture. Whether you’re bringing Bible lessons to a diverse audience or zeroing in on a specific age group, it’s essential to create a lively, enriching atmosphere that ignites a deep passion for the Bible and its teachings!

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