Craft Alert! Mail a Hug for Valentine’s Day

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paper-heart-overheadCraft Alert! Mail a Hug for Valentine’s Day
This Valentine’s Day craft is so easy, you’ll be wondering why you haven’t made it before. Full disclosure here: I took a great idea that I saw somewhere else and tweaked it to make it more specific for Valentine’s Day. It’s the ideal craft for kids who have loved ones like grandparents who live far away. This craft can be mailed in a regular envelope and the long distance loved ones will receive their hug in the mail. It’s quite sweet, really! Ready to work this Valentine’s Day craft?
Here’s what you will need:

  • Two red construction paper hearts large enough to fit the hands of the child
  • You need white, washable paint
  • A hole punch,
  • Red ribbon
  • Marker

You’ll need one for each person in your class! Before class, cut out the hearts and have two for each child you expect to attend. It’s always good to have extras.
Here’s how you do it:

  1. Pour a small amount of white paint into a plastic plate. Have the child place his or her hands in the paint.
  2. Press the hand prints on to the red construction paper hearts. Ask the child to wash his hands.
  3. Set the hearts to the side so that they may dry.
  4. Ask the child to stand still with his hands in front of him, like Frankenstein.
  5. Give the child the tip of the ribbon and run the ribbon up the arm, across the back and down the other shoulder all the way to the hand.
  6. Cut the ribbon. That’s the size of that child’s hug.
  7. Once the paint has dried, hole punch at the top of each heart and attach the string to each heart.
  8. When the paint has dried, it is ready to be mailed to a loved on. Ask the child to turn one heart over and write a special message to his or her loved one. He could say, “Happy Valentines’ Day! I love you!”

I love this fun craft. It involves hand prints, hearts and finger painting. All of my favorites!
Read more from Mimi by visiting her blog at Tools for Kids Church.

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