Printable Bible Verse Valentine Cards

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Printable Bible Verses Valentine's Card
I wanted to be able to give my students a valentine that would be meaningful. I also try to take every opportunity to have them read the Bible. So I created these printable Bible Verse Valentine cards as an answer to my problem. I thought some of you might be able to use them as well for your students. Just print them out on card stock, sign your name on the back, and give them to your students as a sign that you care for them.

Let’s spread the love of Jesus around to our students this Valentine’s Day!
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1 thought on “Printable Bible Verse Valentine Cards”

  1. Thank You so MUCH !! I printed ten and had seven in Sunday School today. They loved to cut them apart !!! They put them in “ercycled” envelopes and put their Name, heart rubber stamps and stickers on the Envelope. We called them Bible Verses LOVE !! (I looked up the 1 John verse and did it darker by the way.)
    Thanks !!


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