Sunday School Thanksgiving Crafts & Bible Activities

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Try our collection of free printable craft ideas for Sunday School. Download the PDF directions and watch the videos below. These activities are a perfect companion to our Thanksgiving Sunday School lessons for children.

Thanksgiving Craft Projects & Activities

Scroll down to see many more ideas for crafting thankfulness with your Sunday School class. We’re adding new ideas each week throughout November 2019, so check back for updates each Monday!

thankful to God wreath craft project for Sunday School

Wreath Craft Project “Thankful to God”

The Thankful wreath is perfect for smaller classes that need a Sunday School craft project. It can also be done as a family and displayed in your home to credit the Lord for his goodness.

Thanksgiving Crafts for Children's Ministry

3 Easy Sunday School Thanksgiving Crafts

These paper crafts about thankfulness are perfect projects for your Sunday School class.

Thanksgiving turkey crafts for children's ministry and sunday school

Thanksgiving Turkey Crafts for Sunday School

Fun turkey crafts and a snack for your lessons on gratitude this November.

thankful pilgrims bulletin board craft

“Grateful Pilgrims” Thanksgiving Craft & Bulletin Board

These large size characters are easy to print and use to decorate a “We are Thankful” bulletin board in the Sunday School area of your church. We recommend adding some Bible verses on thankfulness to this craft if your are using it in a Christian setting.

printable Thanksgiving Coloring Pages

Thanksgiving Coloring Pages

Use these easy print thanksgiving coloring sheets when you need a quick back-up craft about thankfulness in your Sunday School class. The only materials are paper and crayons – that’s easy.

healed leper sunday school craft

Craft: Give Thanks Say Thanks

Watch the video demonstration of this Craft on Thankfulness based on the story in Luke 17:11-19 when Jesus healed 10 men with leprosy, but only one came back to offer his gratitude and give the Lord credit.

children's prayer of thanksgiving

Thankful Prayer Activity

Have the children learn this prayer to thank God in Sunday School. We even have a video demonstration so you can teach the hand motions to memorize the prayer.

Fall Crafts for Sunday School – Autumn Themed Ideas

Fall craft ideas for Sunday School

Download these craft directions below to help you prepare some fun Autumn themed activities for your Sunday School class. Then watch our demonstration video to make sure your are ready to share these Fall crafts for Sunday School kids. Fall Crafts for Kids Sunday School Autumn themed activities for children The leaves are changing, the […]

Craft – Make a Thankful Poster: This craft is super easy and will help the children understand what it means to be thankful.  It would be a perfect addition to your Thanksgiving Sunday School lesson.

More Thanksgiving Bible Crafts for Sunday School

What crafts are you planning for Thanksgiving? Do you know of an easy Thanksgiving crafts for children? This page lists some simple craft ideas for church around Thanksgiving. If you know of more resources, leave a comment at the bottom of the page. Enjoy these christian thanksgiving crafts.

Thanksgiving Crafts & Activities: Danielle’s Place has a great collection of activities and projects related to Thanksgiving. They are 100% free and easy to print off and use in your Sunday School.

DLTK’s Crafts & Coloring Pages for Thanksgiving may be just what you need.

Kidology Thanksgiving Zone: This is a membership site, but since I’m a member I always start here. Pastor Karl and company consistently add great content to their zones. They offer many thanksgiving craft ideas and thanksgiving bible lessons for kids.

More Thanksgiving Bible Activities for Kids

Ideas to Teach Gratitude this November (more than turkey)

Thanksgiving Lesson for Children’s Church (Psalm 100:4-5)

thanksgiving bible lesson

This Bible lesson about Thanksgiving was first used in our Sunday morning children’s church with Kindergarten – 6th grade students. It could also work as a Thanksgiving Sunday School lesson or any other children’s ministry teaching time. Be sure to modify it for your ministry context. Leave any suggestions or fresh ideas in the comment […]

Lesson: More than Turkey…Cultivating a Thankful Heart (1 Thessalonians 5:16-18)

It is no secret that kids tend to have a short-sighted view of things — easily impatient and frustrated when results do not immediately appear. We encourage verbal gratitude at Thanksgiving time and for gifts, but do not always extend that attitude to daily life. Young and older children (and even adults!) can often use […]

Thanksgiving Children’s Sermon (1 Thess 5:16-19) Object Lesson

Thankfulness object lesson for thanksgiving children's sermon

Download this Thankfulness object lesson to remind kids to have gratitude the whole Thanksgiving month of November. Then watch our the children’s sermon demonstration video below to prepare to share this message with kids in your church or Sunday School. “Thankful November” Children’s Sermon on 1 Thessalonians 5:16-19 Object Lesson Message: A Month of Thanksgiving – […]

Turkey Games for Kids Ministry

Sometimes a turkey craft is not enough – kids need to play. Besides playing a starring role in many Thanksgiving dinner, turkeys have little to do with Thanksgiving but understandably, children associate turkeys with the holiday. It is easy to implement some turkey games into your November kids ministry itinerary. You can use turkey games as a pre-lesson activity or use them as the end of an […]

Thanksgiving Games for Sunday School
thankful games for children's ministry and sunday school

Try these fun Thankful games for Sunday School to get kids into active learning. They make a perfect addition to your Thanksgiving Sunday School lesson plans. What is it about the holidays that makes kids want to run around the room? Could it be all the sugar we supply them with? I’m not sure but […]

New Thanksgiving Games for Children’s Ministry

Are your kids tired of playing “Gobble Gobble” or “Heads-Up 7-Up” during free time in children’s church? We have good news for you! Try these new Thanksgiving games for children’s ministry. Having a few extra games on hand will help manage the crowds and keep kids focused on thankfulness and fun. You can spread these […]

6 Thanksgiving Activities for Children’s Church
Thanksgiving Activities for Children's Church

I love the old song that goes, “We gather together to ask the Lord’s blessings…” What a great time of the year to teach children’s church! Thankfulness and appreciation for the blessings of God is an important part of the life of a Christian. During “turkey” month, share these seven Thanksgiving activities with your kids. […]

Thanksgiving (Preschool Sunday School Lesson)
family Thanksgiving traditions

Thanksgiving is a special time of the year where families get together and celebrate good food, family, and another year of harvest. This Sunday School lesson is designed to teach children about how God is the one who provides the food and the harvest. This lesson will be best utilized in a Sunday School or […]

“Thank You, God!” Lesson for Toddlers

This is the eighth lesson plan in our series titled, “Toddlers Knowing God.” Each of these studies help children age 18-24 months better understand the character & nature of God. Click here to see the main index for these Bible lessons. This particular lesson is based on Psalm 100:3-5 and teaches how to say thank […]

Thankfulness Journals: Christian Activities for Children
Journal of Thankfulness

If you want to change someone’s perspective, teach them how to be thankful. It’s not just good advice for shaping a positive attitude but it is something the bible instructs us to do. You will find dozens and dozens of verses about the benefits of thankfulness but one of my favorites is in the New […]

Thanksgiving Acrostic Poem Activity Sheet
Thanksgiving Acrostic Poem

During November, I always like to keep the students in my class as well as my own children thinking about being thankful. Children, as well as adults, forget to be thankful for the blessings in our lives. Click here to download This Thanksgiving poem is a great activity to get the children in your life […]

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