Back to School Coloring Pages

Back to School Coloring Pages
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Use this coloring page with your children to talk about going back to school. This can be a powerful teaching moment as kids learn to trust God and appreciate the blessing of education.

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This religious Back to School coloring page features several familiar illustrations about school. These include a schoolhouse, apple, art supplies, and books. The test of the coloring page says, ”┬áSummer soon shall turn to fall … Lord, let our school days bless us all.”

Update: We’ve added a new first day of school coloring page that would be a great second option if using this sheet.

This coloring sheet could be used at home with your children or in a Sunday School lesson. Here are a few ideas to help start a conversation about trusting God as a new school year begins.

  • What about going back to school is the most exciting?
  • Does anything about going back to school make you worry?
  • What would happen if God didn’t give us schools and teachers?
  • What can we say to God as a pray when going back to school?

We hope you enjoy our free Christian coloring pages. Like all our resources, this printable is 100% free to use in your church, home, or school. We love to hear your feedback. Click here to leave a comment below.


  1. Sheryl Sims says

    Love this site. Have for a long time but this is so easy to get around.

  2. Jessica says

    Thank you, what a blessing your website is. May God bless you!

  3. Chris says

    Thanks for these wonderful and inspiring lessons. I look forward each week to discover more ways to teach kids about God. Keep up the good work. It’s working.
    Chris Denard

  4. Evelyn O. says

    Your resources are always a blessing. May God be with you and give you wisdom to keep helping us.

  5. Becky says

    What a blessing these coloring pages are! I’m so glad to have found them. I’m the librarian at our Christian school and I love letting the little ones color when they have free time. God Bless You!

  6. SANYU RUTH says

    May the lord keep using you as His vessels. To preach the young ones b’se they are the next church. God bless u abundantly.

  7. Kristen says

    Dear Mandy,
    Thank you for sharing your coloring pages. They are amazingly creative. Please consider drawing some of the children/people to reflect the diversity in which God created us. (hair texture/facial features, etc)

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