Podcast #16 Growing Up as the Pastor’s Kid


Children who grow up as the preacher’s kid face a unique set of challenges & opportunities. Amy Fenton Lee knows this first hand. She is the daughter of a respected Baptist minister. In this podcast, she talks candidly about that experience and how it has shaped her faith today. She also shares some tips for raising kids in […]

Podcast #15 Divorce Ministry for Children

Click here to visit this new website about helping children of divorce.

Divorce is a traumatic life event for an large number of children in our society. This presents both an opportunity and a challenge for the local church. In this podcast, I talk with Wayne Stocks about his new website focused on ministry to children of divorce. Directions: To listen to this audio recording, simply click […]

Podcast #14 The Legacy Path with Brian Haynes

Brian Haynes "Legacy Milestones" Book

In this fast moving interview, I talk with Brain Haynes about his new Christian parenting book titled The Legacy Path. Among other topics, I asked how these principles can help the non-traditional and broken families our churches need to reach with the Gospel. Update ~ Brian also responded specifically to one of my questions on […]

Podcast #13 Family Ministry and the End of Children’s Ministry?


Will new interest in family discipleship somehow distract churches from doing kids ministry? Does embracing family ministry require your church to add new programs? These are common concerns for many church leaders.  This podcast explores those issues with Dr. Timothy Paul Jones. He is a teacher and writer who has studied these topics in depth. You […]

Podcast #12: Inside Go Fish VBS with Jamie Statema

Last year our church tried out a new VBS program from the Go Fish Guys. They are a Christian music group known for their appeal to children and families. Overall, I was very impressed with the debut effort at Bible School curriculum. In this interview, I talk with Jamie Statema who is the founding member of Go […]

Podcast #11: Autism and Your Children’s Ministry

What is Autism and what issues does it raise in real world ministry? That’s what I wanted to talk about in this latest episode of our podcast. So I invited back Amy Fenton Lee who runs a popular blog about special needs children’s ministry. You’ll remember her from our very first podcast and her guest […]

Podcast #10 Social Networking in Children’s Ministry

Michael Chanley Photo

The Internet has created many new opportunities for people in kids ministry. One highlight has been CM Connect, the social network for children’s ministers. With over 6,700 users, it’s become an amazing way to share ideas online. The man behind it all is Michael Chanley. He’s also an author and popular conference speaker. His work […]

Podcast #9: VBS Tips from Shannon at Group VBS


It’s only November, why are you talking about VBS? The short answer is you can’t start planning too early. For the longer answer, you should listen to this podcast. In this episode I talk with Shannon Velasquez who plans VBS training all across the country. She was the one who invited me to attend their PandaMania […]