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Jesus Raises a Woman’s Son from the Dead Craft

Craft - Jesus brings a person back to life

This craft came about while I was working on a lesson about Jesus raising a woman's son from the dead. This story is in Luke 7:12-17 and it occurs directly after Jesus heals the Centurion's Servant. Jesus is walking along and he sees a dead man being carried out. The man was the only son of his mother and she was a widow. Jesus has compassion for her and raises her son from the … [Read more...]

Creation Spin Wheel Craft


  This is a great, but simple craft to help the children in your class remember what happened during the days of Creation. You can use this page at the beginning of your creation study to give the children an overview of what they can expect to learn about. It can be printed in black and white and used throughout your study. Each day of Creation that you study, the … [Read more...]

No Mess Activities for Children’s Church


One of my favorite times in kids' church is one of the few moments when I get to sit and just hang out with children. With some activities, you can't help but worry about spills or sharing. However, when you use a no mess activity you have less to worry about--you can just have fun! Best of all, you don't have to stick around for an hour after church ends to clean up the mess. … [Read more...]

Printable “Bread of Life” Craft Booklet

Picture 3

This activity helps children understand the metaphor of Jesus being the bread of life from John 6:35. They make two booklets, one showing how food meets our physical needs and one showing how Jesus meets our spiritual needs. This Bible craft would be an excellent activity for our lesson plan on John 3:35. Click here to download the printable PDF Print one copy of the … [Read more...]

Springtime Crafts for Children


According to the groundhog, Spring is just around the corner!  And, I, for one, couldn’t be happier!  I am so ready for sunny, warm days with flowers to smell and pick! Here are a few of my favorite spring time crafts to do with the kids.  1. Flowers  Items Needed: construction paper, green pipe cleaners, glue, cupcake liners (pastel colors) of different sizes, fake … [Read more...]