Bible Puzzle “Love Maze”


Work the maze and learn some words from 1 Corinthians 13 that describe love. Click on the preview above for the printable PDF document. This is part of a series called Bible Puzzle with a variety of different puzzles. Besides pencils, some need Bibles, crayons, and/or scissors and glue. Some are easier or harder than […]

Love One Another (Valentine’s Day Lesson)

Bible Lesson: Love One Another

One of the greatest commands that God has given us is to love one another. But what does this look like in our lives? This is the question that this lesson attempts to answer. The Bible gives us lots of commandments, such as to tell others about Jesus and give to the poor. Of all […]

Conversations with God: Valentine’s Day Bible Lesson


With Valentine’s Day upon us, we are reminded of God’s never-ending and unfailing love for us. Secularly Valentine’s Day is used to show those who we love romantically how much they mean to us, but this lesson uses it as a way to show God’s children how much He loves us.  God’s love far exceeds […]

Valentine Photo Booth Ideas for Kids


No matter how carefully I plan, I nearly always have some extra time left in my kids’ church, even after the lesson components. As Pastor Bill Wilson once said, “If you don’t put on a program for your kids, they’ll put one on for you.” The idea of “free time” in class is great but […]

Valentine’s Day Bulletin Board Idea for Church


Valentine’s Day is a great holiday to teach our kids about the true meaning of love. The world wants them to think love is this superficial, conditional type feeling that we should be striving to have on Valentine’s Day so that we can get a box of chocolates. Well, that’s not what God says about […]