What About Father’s Day At Your Church?

Maybe it’s just the timing, but it seems like Father’s Day gets less emphasis in most churches. If you have a great idea for this holiday, stop by this forum post and share what you know.

Share Your Father’s Day Ideas

Just leave a comment below and let me know what you’re planning. Do you have a special presentation for Fathers? Do you teach a special lesson? Does your pastor preach a father’s day sermon?


  1. margret says

    The ladies in our church host, plan, decorate, and serve all our men a pancake breakfast before church. It is buffet style when each man and family arrive. We get lots of visitors that day too.

  2. Alicia Candelario says

    I bought buckets in the dollar store and fill them up with car wash items,wash up childrens act, that’s why they were honor
    Last year it was all fishing items ,fishers of men
    Buy flip flaps matching father and kids to show they will follow in their foot steps like Jesus

  3. Michelle says

    We have decided to make homemade coupons this year. Each dad will be presented a coupon book by his wife and/or kid(s). The coupons expire next year on Father’s day. Simply fold a piece of paper into 8-10 pieces in order to make the coupons. Coupons reads- “This coupon is good for:”
    * 1 day of undisturbed rest
    * 1 full tank of gas
    * 1 haircut
    * my HONEST opinion
    * 1 day of elbow grease from me
    * face-to-face talk, no electronic gadgets or interruptions
    * 1 car wash
    * Quiet time with me & Dad (newborn babies can give this w/ help from Mom)
    * and if you are really brave, leave blank coupons for Dad to fill-in what he wants

    I can’t take the credit for this. There are several sites online with ideas for homemade coupon books.
    I came across this in my search for Father’s day ideas.

  4. says

    im 8 in our church we do soemthing simler that amrie siad but we say some words and creat a pwoerpint of photos and whiel there makeing there cards wesnap some photos and at the end of the year we show them and but them in the church photos book for the nexts pepole who join this church to see the good celebrations and times we had we say soem words and sing soem songs and we all decorate the church ons aturday ebfore the day but only the mrs pastor is aloud there so non of the men wills ee the deocrations and on the sunday we show the suprise and some times we have some muscians and msotly ever year girls aged 6-10 will do some dances but the boys sing along and just wtach us dnaceing and all the boys and girls take part in the acting i love the acting part the most last year all the children made upp a play but the small children do a ceprate act to the big chidlren so after we make cards but them on a table and hand them out and we do the smae every year but its really fun we do apper chains decorate but flowers and paints walls

  5. Iakina Manoa says

    At our Sabbath, we would take the fathers up on stage and place a lei – candy or flower around his neck. Fathers need to feel special

  6. Julia prince says

    I like that ideal please send me a picture of that ideal want to do it for Fathers Day.

  7. Marlena Pitts says

    For Fathers Day at my church we have all fathers escorted into the sanctuary before service begins by their daughters, wives, grandchildren etc as someone reads a poem as they walk down the aisle. Once the men are all seated on the first few pews, we honor them with a song by a youth and a liturgical dance.

  8. Gwen says

    Thanks I like this ideal, I think I will do this for father day this year. Do you have a picture on how it looks?

  9. Jolene says

    I have an interesting situation in my Sunday School class. Not only do I never know how many students I’ll have (1-6), but NONE of the kids in my class have a “typical” home life. So either Mother’s Day, or Father’s Day, or both, are awkward when it comes to celebrating, or making little crafts to give their parent.

    Rather than not do anything, I started a few years ago, having the kids make the craft/gift for our church people, in recognition of how much they’ve helped the kids like a mother/father over the years! For Mother’s Day, all the ladies in the church get a creation from at least one of the kids. For Father’s Day, it’s the guys’ turn. If the child has parents or grandparents they want honor with one of the crafts, we try to make sure there’s enough to go around.

    Previously, I had a list of all the ladies or men in the church, and the kids each picked who they wanted to make and deliver a craft to. This Mother’s Day, I had them work together on all the gifts for each lady in the church, and then they worked together to pass them out between class and service.

    I do have difficulty coming up with unique, useful gifts that the kids can make/give, however. For Mother’s Day, I’ve had them make flower pens, decorate candles, or place stickers and sign their name on potted plants (this year). On each of the projects is some sort of card or tag, thanking the ladies of the church for “helping me grow”, or “helping me shine”, etc.

    For Father’s Day, we’ve done bookmarks decorated by the kids with tool stickers, a couple of verses about encouragement and building others up, and a note saying “Thank you for BUILDING me up”. Last year we gave key-chain tape measures – with a tag they colored in and attached, which said something similar.

    I like what we’ve done so far, but I’m running out of cool ideas, especially for the dads. :~/ I want something that they have the potential to actually use, not just throw away when they get home from church. Any new ideas?

  10. Marie says

    Our Church is in a similiar situation to Rachel’s. We will celebrate Father’s Day in Australia on Sunday 2 September. We may have 10 children between 3 and 12 years old – but on the day perhaps may have 6-8 more! Always tricky. We will have a 10 minute segment when the kids will give a short presentation which we will show as a power point and one of our special 6 year olds will sing a solo! Our pastor will present a very short presentation to the kids and we will then go downstairs for craft. Our cards will be two hands with a narrow strip of paper joining them together which says “Dad I love you this much”. I have been busy taking photos of the kids and we will prepare like a scrap booking page on a 23cm square canvas which they will decorate for Dad and make a collage of the photos. One dear boy will do one for his mum. We always have a special cake and one of the dad’s is elected to cut it and the kids sing “Happy Father’s Day to you…”

  11. Rachel says

    Our Sunday School has 5 or 6 kids only, between 2-11 years. 2 of the kids have dads who are serving overseas so Fathers Day is tough for them. Everyone else is excited and they miss their dad terribly.
    This time we’re combining the idea of the Fatherhood of God (he cares for each and every one of his Children, he wants to hear what you think, what’s great and what’s not, he wants to keep his very special bond) with a look at the Lord’s Prayer which all but the preschoolers recite without thinking about it.
    Then we’re doing a fun craft: make an Our Father tie from cardstock and colouring/sticking to decorate.

  12. BEE says

    We’re 1st performing a short skit. A mailman brings a father mail. Included is an envelope addressed to him w/ no return name nor address. Turns out it’s from his son. His son starts the letter stating that he’d been wanting to express these kind words but found it easier to do via a letter than in person. (a narrator reads the ltr) upon finishing the son walks in to actually “catch” his dad reading the letter. They exchange a few kind words-The End BUT-> We’ve gathered from each child whom has a father in our congregation, a fond memory/story, past or current and we will be sharing them with the congregation. As usual-a nice brunch after service.

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