Seasonal Coloring Pages for Kids (free printables)

Mandy has been working on a series of coloring pages that give thanks to God for each of the seasons. These can be used at home with your children or in Sunday School or Kids Church to mark the changing weather. All have a strong Christian message about God’s goodness the climate.

Autumn Coloring Page
Autumn Coloring Page Printable
Winter Day Coloring Pages
Winter Coloring Page "Praise God"
Springtime coloring pages
Springtime Coloring Page Printable
Free God Made Summer Coloring Page Printable
"God Made Summer" Coloring Page

We’re hearing back from different readers about how they will use these season specific coloring pages. They all love the Christian theme that reminds kids be grateful to God for all that He has made. We’ve also uploaded a free printable about daylight savings time.

Some are using them for homeschool art projects. You can use these as the centerpiece of a poster display about that season. Christian schools are also using these for projects related to the different seasons of the year. Others are using them in Sunday School to talk about God’s glory in making such a diverse climate. Click here to let us know how you will use them.

For more ideas, you can also see our special resource sections for the different holidays throughout the year. Valentine (Love)St. Patrick’s DayEasterMother’s DayFather’s DayThanksgivingChristmas


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