Seasonal Coloring Pages for Kids (free printables)

Mandy has been working on a series of coloring pages that give thanks to God for each of the seasons. These can be used at home with your children or in Sunday School or Kids Church to mark the changing weather. All have a strong Christian message about God’s goodness the climate.

Autumn Coloring Page
Autumn Coloring Page Printable
Winter Day Coloring Pages
Winter Coloring Page "Praise God"
Springtime coloring pages
Springtime Coloring Page Printable
Free God Made Summer Coloring Page Printable
"God Made Summer" Coloring Page

We’re hearing back from different readers about how they will use these season specific coloring pages. They all love the Christian theme that reminds kids be grateful to God for all that He has made. We’ve also uploaded a free printable about daylight savings time.

Some are using them for homeschool art projects. You can use these as the centerpiece of a poster display about that season. Christian schools are also using these for projects related to the different seasons of the year. Others are using them in Sunday School to talk about God’s glory in making such a diverse climate. Click here to let us know how you will use them.

For more ideas, you can also see our special resource sections for the different holidays throughout the year. Valentine (Love)St. Patrick’s DayEasterMother’s DayFather’s DayThanksgivingChristmas


  1. Costa Chiangwa says

    Thank you for giving us the resources. Craft is full of fun. I just wish if l could be a preschooler again. We are enjoying ourselves in the GODLY environment.

  2. Mauricia Parker says

    I find your site very helpful – I use some of the material in our Children’s ministry and sometimes our youth ministry.

  3. alura says

    I will be using these coloring pages for my neighborhood children to pass out. They play outside near my children and they all sit together so what better way to reach out to children then by coloring.

  4. Jovie Corona says

    Just wanted say Thank You, for all your wonderful lessons. You have rescued me so many times! Thank you for sharing your gift with so many of us. May the contiune to use you as you have blessed so many.

  5. Tina says

    Hey Many!!! First of all I Thank GOD FOR giving you the ideas through CHRIST JESUS!!!!! I have been looking for a bible based alphabet!! Then the seasons was an added bonus!!!!!!! I Thank God in JESUS name for this gift that he has given unto you!!

    I will be using the sheets at home for our pre-k sons and one on his way into kindergarten. Also, I will be using the Bible Alphabet for the Youth Ministry Bible study in our local church on Wednesday nights for the younger babies.

    Again, Thank you JESUS for giving this gift to you Mandy!!

  6. says

    Just want to thank you for being here for the teachers of God’s word, to help us with finding the good stuff and a good way to teach our children at Church. You have really organized my teaching and I thank you for being a part of God’s ministry in this way. Again, thank you!

  7. Norma Sholar says

    Thank you so much for a wonderful lesson on the seasons and the coloring page “Autumn is a time to play..Let’s thank God for every day”. Just found out that I have Children’s Church in the morning..will be using this:):):) God Bless!!!

  8. shelly mulrooney says

    thank you. i have been trying to find something fun for our kids that i could use for a bibble study and i stumbled upon this and it is perfict. thank you again.

  9. says

    Just wanted to take a moment today to tell you that I love the color sheets and thanks for providing them to us free of charge. I was a CP for almost 10 years and would occassionally use them – although I’m no longer in CP position, I’m still in part time CM and I run my own home daycare.

    I print the sheets off often to use with my kiddos at home. Most recently we used the Creation pages to create a storybook. They painted, colored, used dot markers, and markers, to decorate their sheets and then we trimmed and glued to a different color of construction paper – I typed out Genesis 1-2:4 using the Message Bible and glued each scripture on the back of the corresponding day of Creation. I laminated the pages – including a back cover and front with “God’s Days of Creation”. I hole punched the book in three places and used small rings to hold together.

    The parents all loved the books! I showed them how they can use it as a picture storybook or how to hold the book and show the pictures while reading the scripture. Turning the book over they can go over the colors with them. I made one for myself to keep at home to read to the children and I intend on making more from the other color sheets on different topics. Thanks so much for this great gift – and allowing us to not only to minister to those in church – but also in our homes!
    (and to Mandy for her amazing talent – it’s great to have quality pictures that look so professional!)

  10. csims says

    I love your materials and resources. I belong to a small church and we are unable to purchase supplies presently. Your resources are better than what I’ve seen in stores. Thank you, for you allow me to minister to my kids.

  11. Judith Ebardo says

    Praise God for your intellectual and creative materials.. This site is really the answer of my prayers, especially i got times before so hard to look for teaching materials.

    God bless us ALL!
    Thank you…

  12. Fidelia Tufuor says

    Your site has been very helpful for our church children. God bless you.

  13. Mindy says

    Thank you so much for these great coloring sheets! I will be using them at home with my preschooler and passing your site along to my friends!

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