Pokémon Go: What Parents Need to Know

Pokémon are everywhere…. The latest reinvention of this gaming phenomenon is going viral. It’s called Pokémon Go and it’s the biggest trend in kid culture this summer (and probably this year). In this article, I’m trying to explain the game and

Parents That Embarrass Their Kids

Kids have such soft hearts and squishy spirits. Why would you ever want to intentionally embarrass them? That doesn’t stop some parents from humiliating their little ones and not accidentally. Let’s face it—we all embarrass our kids eventually but that’s

6 Cell Phones Apps for Christian Kids

You have to agree that cell phones are everywhere! Not only do parents have them “glued” to their hands but so do teens and now kids. I can’t tell you the number of birthday parties I’ve attended recently (and that’s

Five Ways Parents Can Disciple Kids

Make disciples! That was the command of Jesus to his disciples. What better way to fulfill this command then to disciple your own children and empower others to do the same. Biblical discipleship wasn’t in the classroom, it was demonstrated