Stories of the Savior – A Christmas Play

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This is a play about 2 scientists giving a presentation about the birth of Jesus. These scientists don’t just tell the story starting with Mary. They go all the way back to Creation and tie it all together through the story of Simeon and Anna.

Songs References in the Script

The kids in your ministry will enjoy being different people in the Bible from Adam & Eve, Noah, Abraham, David, and even Anna at the temple. They can memorize their lines or read right from the script. The only speaking parts are the scientists and the Readers. I am giving my scientists clipboards so they can hide their script and the readers will have their Bible to hide their script.

This will be an enjoyable time with your students and congregation as you present “The Stories of the Savior”.

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17 thoughts on “Stories of the Savior – A Christmas Play”

  1. The Stories of the Savior script is fabulous.
    In the script it refers to several songs and also media ( a chart which appears on screen)
    Is there a link to these resources also?

  2. This is really fabulous! We’re using it next month for a youth group skit for the older kids to minister to the young ones. Thanks!

  3. Here is an excerpt from the bottom of page 2.
    “(chart appears on screen showing Creation, Adam & Eve, and Noah)
    S1: Exactly! I have this chart that can help us along the way.”
    Where do I find this chart? Does it connect the events/people to Jesus as Savior? If there isn’t one available, I can make my own, but if there IS one available it would make life so much easier. =D Thanks in advance!

  4. Thanks for asking. That was something the original church did on their PowerPoint and unfortunately we didn’t get a copy to upload. Sorry we couldn’t be more help – let us know how the Christmas Play works out in your church!

  5. Hello! is there any video clips that you have created about Christmas or any video clip that you can recommend about Christmas?

  6. We just did Stories of the Savior this past Sunday. We did edit a bit and shortened it. We have heard that it was the best children’s program we have done. We have a small church, so we had to double-up on some of the parts, but we just had them switch hair or hats. We didn’t use the part about a chart. With the editing, it was about 30-35 minutes. Thank you to whoever wrote it!!!

  7. Thanks so much for sharing that feedback! I’ll be sure to let Felicia (the writer) know it was helpful in your church!

  8. Greetings, we are in the planning stages hoping to present this play in mid December. I was so excited when I came across it. Awesome job! Thank you so much for sharing. God Bless and Keep You!

  9. We just did Stories of the Savior at our Church and it was powerful. I changed the scientists to Simeon and Anna telling the stories from heaven. I put a teaser at the end by Anna that we may need to tell more Stories of the Savior at Easter. Thank you for your dedication to proclaiming the truth to children.

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