Summer Sunday School Lessons & Activities

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Summer is different in children’s ministry. After all the VBS activities, regular weekly programs like Sunday School can see lower attendance. This is true in children’s church too. Many congregations pause their Wednesday evening programs when school is out for Summer vacation. This page links all our best ideas for making the most of Summertime in your Sunday School.

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Summer Sunday School Lessons

Summer Sunday School Lessons

For my class in the summertime, I always like to do self-contained lessons rather than a series. This means kids who are out on vacation won’t be left behind in the curriculum. Here are a few suggestions from our website.

Summer Coloring Pages

Having some hands-on learning activities is a nice change of pace for summertime ministry. These would also be fun handouts for children to use during the adult worship service.

See our 14-page Summer kids church coloring book.

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If you need more, you can download a free 12-page bundle that includes the daily routine.

Summer Bible Object Lessons & Sermons for Kids

We love the creative ideas opened up by vacation season. Everyone is more relaxed and ready to have a laugh during the ministry moment. Here are a few examples of creative children’s sermons we recommend for the summer break.

Summer Children’s Church Curriculum

Kids church needs a different pace too in the summertime. I love to review my VBS lessons and music in kids churches. That’s a great way to welcome kids who visited your Bible School into your regular programs. Here are some more curriculum ideas.

More Ideas for Summer in Children’s Ministry

Whatever you plan, be sure to enjoy this special season of ministry. Don’t think of less kids as less ministry. Instead, use the time to deepen relationships and make each child know how special they are to your church.

Leave us a comment if you have more ideas to share for making Summer Sunday School an awesome experience for all.

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