Bible Lesson: A Thankful Heart Willingly Gives

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The kings of israel Sunday School Bible Lessons for childrenThis is another lesson from the study of David. It could also work as lesson for Thanksgiving.  Click here to see the lesson index.
The lesson teaches the generosity and willingness of David and the Israelites to give materials for the future temple that Solomon would build.  The focus of the lesson is on how God owns all we have and we show Him our gratitude by giving willingly and generously.  The lesson can be adapted for your individual ministry’s needs.

Bible Story: Gifts for Building the Temple
Scripture: 1 Chronicles 29:1-20
Target Age Group: Age 9 – 11 (U.S. 3rd – 5th Grade)
Learning Context: Sunday School
Target Time Frame: 60 minutes
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Supply List: Bibles, an example of a blueprint, (optional) Thanksgiving coloring page
Learning Goal: Students will learn that their attitude toward giving reveals whether they have a thankful heart.
Learning Indicator: Students will demonstrate their understanding of Bible passage by answering review questions.  By participating in learning activities students will be able to identify ways they can willingly give to help others.
Learning Activity #1: Pray about a specific way that your class can willingly give to serve others.  Something our children/preschool ministry did in the past was to provide hats and mittens for the homeless children that were in our area.  The children brought hats and mittens in for a couple of weeks and they hung them on a Christmas tree with clothes pins.  Many times activities like this require the parents to go out and buy and send in with the children unless the children decide they want to buy the items with their own money.  To emphasize a willingness to give it would be good to encourage the children to do the giving (if they don’t have money they can ask their parents for a job to do so that they could earn enough money to buy a hat or mittens for the project).  Another idea is to allow students who have stuffed animals or other toys that are in good condition, willingly offer them to provide for victims of a natural disaster or some other situation.  There are different opportunities that provide children an opportunity to willingly share their time, talents and things with others. With the idea that best fits your class present the project after the lesson.
Learning Activity #2: Use scenarios that will help students to identify practical ways they can willingly give showing they have thankful hearts.

  • Susan’s toy box is overflowing with stuffed animals.  What can she do that shows she has a willing heart to give?
  • John loves drawing pictures and writing letters.  He finds out that his best friend Andy’s grandmother is very sad and lonely at the nursing home where she lives.  What can John do that shows he has a willing heart to give?
  • Janet can play the piano and sing beautifully.  The local children’s hospital has an evening where people can come and share their talent with the children who are sick.  What can Janet do that shows she has a willing heart to give?

These were just a couple of ideas of willingly giving to others.  Sometimes when we hear ‘give’ we automatically think of money.  That is not the only way we can willingly give to help others.  What are some other ideas of ways kids your age can give willingly?
As you prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving pray for ways you can show your thankfulness to God for all He has blessed you with by giving to others.
Song for this lesson: Count your Blessings
Test: Review Questions
Memory Verse: 1 Chronicles 29:13 “Now, our God, we give You thanks, and praise Your Glorious Name.”
Memory Verse Activity: The verse can be sung to the tune of 10 Little Indians.

Bible Lesson:   A Thankful Heart Gives Willingly

(If you have been teaching the lessons about Israel’s kings review with students the lesson where David wanted to build a temple for God.)
Even though David could not build God’s temple, God did give him the plans for the temple (1 Chronicles 28:11-19).  We would call them blueprints. (Show an example of a blueprint of house or other building)  When we are going to build something, before it is built we have a paper that shows the rooms and the sizes of the rooms and the materials that are needed to build the house.
David was not going to be alive when the temple was built but he wanted to do what he could to prepare for the building of the place where God would be worshiped.
(1 Chronicles 29) David gathered all the people of Israel together.  He told them that his son Solomon was the one God had chosen to replace him as king.  He told them that they had a big job before them in building the temple.  He told them, “This temple is not for man but for the Lord God.”
David was a king and had much wealth and treasure.  He wanted to do his part in giving to the work of building God’s temple.  David gave his own gold, silver, bronze, iron and wood for the materials needed to build the temple.  He also gave jewels and colorful stones that would be part of the temple.  He gave fine stone and marble in large quantities.  David gave of his things willingly because of his love for God.  David was thankful for all of the blessings God had given him.  David also gave willingly from his personal treasures to help build God’s temple.
What does it mean to give willingly?  (Allow responses)  Can you think of a time when you gave willingly?  Can you think of a time you gave because you were told to but didn’t really want to?  A heart that gives willingly pleases God. 2 Corinthians 9:7
As the King over Israel David set a good example for God’s people when he gave willingly to the preparation of the temple’s construction. He now asked God’s people, “Who is willing to separate themselves to the Lord?”  After seeing David willingly give of his possessions for the materials of the temple, the leaders of families, officers, commanders of the military and other officials gave willingly materials to build the temple.  Let’s read in verses 1 Chronicles 29:7-8 what these leaders gave.
What a joyful day it was!  When the people of Israel saw David and the leaders all giving willingly and wholeheartedly toward the work on the temple, they rejoiced greatly.  Even David was overjoyed when he saw how the leaders willingly gave to the Lord.
When you willingly gave to someone else how did you feel?  Whenever you hear of a need and God instructs you how to respond to that need and you respond willingly you will have joy in your heart.  It is a privilege to be able to give and serve others because God has blessed us with many gifts.
What was happening caused David to praise God before all the people.  Let’s read verses 1 Chronicles 29:10-13 and see what David praised the Lord for.  David was praising God that He was the owner of all things.  Everything we own belongs to God.  He deserves our praise and thanksgiving.
David realized that everything they owned came from God.  All the materials they had given to build the temple already belonged to God in the first place.  David was in awe of God’s goodness to them.
David prayed for God to keep the desire to give in the hearts of the people forever.  He also prayed that they would be loyal and faithful to God.  He also prayed for his son Solomon to have a wholehearted devotion and that he would obey God’s commands, and follow the instructions to build the temple.
David told the people to praise the Lord and they all praised Him and bowed down to the ground and fell face down before the Lord.
This was an exciting story because we saw people willingly giving their possessions to God.  Those who gave didn’t hold anything back for God’s work.
Are you like David and realize that all you own really belongs to God?  Just as God had blessed David with many good things He has blessed you and me with many good things.  What is your attitude toward the things you have?  Are you willing to give anything you have to help God’s work?  Do we follow David’s example by being thankful for all that God has given us?  David’s heart was filled with joy and thanksgiving as he gave willingly for the temple to be built.  Is your heart filled with joy and thanksgiving as you give willingly to others?
Each Thanksgiving in America people celebrate a holiday to express their thankfulness.  As believers everyday should be celebrated as a day of Thanksgiving.  If we have been saved from our sins and adopted into God’s family we have much to be thankful for.  Thankfulness is shown in our actions, attitudes and how we speak.
This week let’s examine our attitude about giving.   Our attitude will reveal how thankful we are for God’s blessings to us.  It’s not what we have  or how much we have that counts with God, but our willingness to give it.
Close in prayer.
Review Questions:

  1. What did David want to do for God? (Build a temple)
  2. Who was going to be the one to build the temple? (Solomon)
  3. Who gave David the plans (blueprint) for the temple? (God)
  4. What was David’s attitude toward giving for the temple?
  5. What was the leaders’ attitude toward giving?
  6. How did the people respond when they saw the leaders giving willingly?
  7. Why did David praise God?
  8. When others look at your attitude toward giving would they be able to see your thankfulness for God’s blessings?
  9. What are some things you can give to show your thankfulness to the Lord this week?

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