Nahum Bible Lesson: Punishment or Protection?

Nahum Bible Lesson for Children

The following lesson was prepared for a small group of students ranging in ages 6-8.  The lesson is my personal supplement to a Gospel Project lesson on Nahum.  The lesson can be adapted to meet the needs of your ministry. Bible Passage:  Nahum Bible Story Title:  Nahum-Punishment or Protection? Target Age Group: Ages 6-11 (K-5th […]

Amos Bible Lesson: Seek the Lord and Live


The following lesson was adapted for a small group of children ranging in ages from 6-11.  The lesson is an overview of the Book of Amos.  The students discover that although Amos’ message was very bad news to God’s people because of their wickedness they would be punished.  If they were to seek the Lord […]