Free Easter Coloring Pages

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This page lists our free coloring pages for Easter. Use this as extra activities for your Easter Sunday School or other children’s church program. You can also copy them for your Christian school or home.

For each of the following we’ve included a printable PDF format and a high resolution jpeg for advanced editing. Click on the previews below to see more. Don’t miss our Easter crafts and lessons.

He Is Risen! Coloring Page

Palm Sunday Coloring

Empty Tomb Coloring Page

Doubting Thomas

Jesus Resurrection Coloring Pages

Resurrection of Jesus

Happy Easter Pages

Printable Invitation Cards for Easter

Easter Invitations

Defeated Devil Coloring Page

Devil Lost Cartoon




  1. Doris says

    Dear Tony,
    Thanks a lot for these resources. I have found them inspiring and useful and use them in my Sunday school lessons.

  2. Regina says

    I’ve surf the internet for children ministry information and never found a website as great as this. i has been a blessing and wonderful resource. Thank you for creatively and clearly sharing the Word of God for all ages.

  3. desiree says

    Thanks for the Easter coloring page. I am also doing the cross painting. I am going to use watercolor paper, and frozen colored ice cubes to paint with. I did a similar project getting ready for my VBS 2012 clinic this year. Instead of a cross it was a snowflake. THANKS!! HAPPY EASTER!!

  4. Raju says

    Mr. Tony Kummer you are such great man Of God helping us to minister children easy way its help lot by your resource material, i Thank God for your ministry be assure our prayer for your ministry

    • Pastor Kashif Sohail says

      Dear Mr,Tony Kumar
      greetings in Jesus name your coloring material is very helpfull for our children you are the man of God providing such beautiful gifts
      thank you again

  5. says

    Thank you for these resources. I enjoy the weekly emails and the information in them.
    We are going to make a booklet of the free Easter coloring pages to give out at our annual Easter Egg hunt. For the first time we will use your idea and have the kids color an Easter egg. Instead of a regular read of the Easter story, we will use the resurrection eggs as props in the storytelling.
    Wonderful resources and information for a part time children’s ministry.
    Thank you

  6. Lucien Rakand says

    Many thanks, Tony. It’s been a great privilege to use the coloring pages for our little children at school. My wife and I are thankful to God as we are able to communicate the Gospel of salvation to these little ones who in turn have shared the good news to their freiends or families. May the joy of Easter fill your life and ministries. In Him who is risen for us.

  7. Liz says

    I know the materials are for Children’s Ministry – but I confess: I love coloring the pages too! Let joy abound… Happy Easter!

  8. Kali says

    Thanks to everyone who posts these resources. Its a great help to bring up my son to know Jesus and God.
    Thankful Mum.

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