“Fruit of the Spirit” Resources for Children’s Ministry

Fruit of the Spirit Lessons

This page links to all our ministry resources based on the “Fruit of the Spirit” passage in Galatians 5. This is often a very popular passage for children’s ministry because of the immediate life application.

Fruit of the Spirit Lessons (and coloring pages)

  1. Love Lesson Plan (coloring sheet - worksheet)
  2. Joy Lesson Plan (coloring sheet - worksheet)
  3. Peace Lesson Plan (coloring sheet  -worksheet)
  4. Patience Lesson Plan (coloring sheet - worksheet)
  5. Kindness Lesson Plan (coloring sheet -worksheet)
  6. Goodness Lesson Plan (coloring sheet - worksheet)
  7. Faithfulness Lesson Plan (coloring sheet - worksheet)
  8. Gentleness Lesson Plan (coloring sheet - worksheet)
  9. Self-control Lesson Plan (coloring sheet - worksheet)

Fruit of the Spirit Game Ideas

Fruit of the Spirit Music & Songs

Even More Ideas


  1. Laelle says

    I teach 2nd grade at a Christian school in NY, and I have been using the fruit of the Spirit lessons and coloring pages from this website for two years. My students are learning so much, thank you!!!

  2. Sheila Valentino says

    I thanked the Lord that I found your site, I’ve been teaching children on our Sunday School church for 10 years now and I think they’re already tired of the lessons that we’ve been teaching them over and over again, I’m glad I now have some new ideas to teach them. May God continue to bless your ministry. Keep making it and I will be looking forward for more lessons. God bless you all!!!

  3. says

    Fruit of the Spirit Game Idea: Fruit (of the spirit) Ninja……..take different colored foam balls, write a fruit of the spirit on each with a permanent marker, and break the group into teams. This could be played as a variant of dodge ball, where you swipe the balls away (ninja style) and record the specific name and number of fruit projectiles that are successfully ninja chopped or in a different variation the goal could be to catch them and or get/throw them into a basket for record keeping and review.

  4. says

    ~KJV related vbs materials are hard to come by.. so these are amazing!
    ~The great good you could do for MANY small churches and are doing by providing these.. could be untold.
    ~Think of the fruit you would have in heaven if you created these topical lessons and then kids got saved through them?
    ~Be a missionary… through your vbs stuff!

  5. says

    hello, I Praise God for letting me browse your website. I”m praying to God to help me find a children ministry which will help me teach God’s word in a simple way & I find your lesson helpful. God bless you Bro. Tony for sharing w us the things you recieve from God. More power to your ministry.God Bless You more with bible lessons fitted for children.

  6. Robin greenan says

    I just finished the series and we all learned so much about ourselves. Thank you from r g at lighthouse baptist church ca

  7. Irene Anum says

    thank you so much Tony for the lessons which Ive been using for the children each week We’ve also drawn a tree on which the children write and paste each fruit virtue each week. I have no idea of teaching children at all and the lessons have been really helpful. God bless you.
    Tony. Irene

  8. says

    I love this website its amazing how I was frustrated trying to get lessons together for my kids at sunday school and bible study and wow the lord sent me straight to this sight what a blessings to have and the children can easily learn more and better from these lessons !! love love love it !!

  9. says

    This website is such a blessing for me in my Sunday school teaching ministry :-) It’s hard to get onto something that I’ve never had been trained to do before but God does really give wisdom to direct His children to do what should be done. Glad He led me to this website! May you continuously be an instrument of promoting God’s kingdom! God bless you!

    • says

      I can truly understand I was placed into being a teacher for children at a young age I went through training but it was hard at that time being the only one teaching the children and trying to come up with lessons and squeeze in some other things throughout my busy week but the more you stay with the children the more you will see that it was Gods plan all along and you would be filled with Joy ! somedays can be a little rocky with children and some days is truly a remarkable moment ! :) May God bless you Christine !

  10. Brandy says

    I am so excited to start using this lesson tomorrow. I’m new at teaching Sunday school and with this lesson I have been able to prepare and feel Confident.
    Something I’ve added is I found a great big tree at the teacher store with apples that I am writing the fruit of the spirit on and adding it to the tree each week with that lesson. Only $11.00. I also found a color page of a large tree and Iittle apples and every wk the kids will color their own spirit fruit and add it to their own little tree Athat they will be able to take home at the end of the series. Also I have created a card to go home each wk with the kids and not only do they have the memory verse but also a daily at home activity. So this week “Love” the activity is to tell an adult daily a way that they think they can show love to another person and then to try and show that love. My goal is at the end of this series the youth will be able to perform the fruit of the spirit song and read out loud the bible verse.
    Thank you so much .

  11. says

    This is sooooooooooooo awesome!!! I can’t wait to introduce this site to the Children’s Church Ministry. God Bless You!!!

  12. Pstr. Thulani Mkhabela says

    Thank yu very much to Tonny Kummer and all those who Sponsored this site. A lot has been learned from this program. Much appreciation. (Thulani_Mkhabela) of Adonai Hour of Grace Church In South Africa.

  13. Dodi Moore says

    Love your pinterest page. Great thing you are doing with this site. THank you for the material.

  14. Yetunde Doyin-Ishola says

    This site is so great. I am a teacher in the children’s ages 0-4 & the site had been so helpful. Thank you so much.

  15. Sharla Palmer says

    I love this site! In October i was asked to become our churches youth leader. I have ages 3-14! they love the lessons i get from here. Says it is not to hard for younger kids but not to easy for older kids to learn:) Thanks so much for this site!

  16. Roxy Boggie says

    Love this site! I have the priveledge of serving in a mid week outreach ministry in my church. Our 8-11 yr. olds have thoroughly enjoyed the fruit of the Spirit series! Thanks so much for your lessons! Our clubbers are growing and blossoming in the love of Jesus as they learn to abide in Him!

  17. Brian says

    Im very new to running a children’s church but this lesson on fruits of the spirit has not only been a huge help in keeping the children’s attention but it has been very fun for me. I love what you guys are doing in God’s kingdom and my life and the kids. THANKS!!


  18. says

    Thank you for these resources on the Fruits of the Spirit. I plan to use to for several Sunday’s during this season, leading up to the Spirit arriving at Pentecost.
    Thanks so much for a wealth of information.

  19. lakesha knight says

    Hey Tony,

    I have really enjoyed this series of the Fruit of the Spirit thus far. My class really enjoys the lessons as well as the craft. thanks for all you do.

    thanks from the Bibleway Outreach Fellowship Church Sunday School Department

    Nursery Teacher Lakesha Knight

  20. Soklyda Mao says

    So good and how excited i have to get this resources for my children’s ministry. It really is helpful and very interesting lessons. I will use this bunch of lessons and ideas to be in my lessons plan for this next coming month. It connected to my prior lessons! Thank God for this and thank you. :)

  21. Christine Thairu says

    I’m so glad about this website which has great resources for children – and adults too coz when teaching the young ones, you also get spiritually nourished and get other insights which are useful in other areas. I’ve used the Fruit of the Spirit VBS kit and it was just great. Keep up the good work

  22. Sherrie Johnson says

    I can’t tell you how excited we are to use this material for our Jr. Kids Church program this coming winter. We plan our lessons for a year and this is by far the most interesting! I am so glad I came across this website in my searching. I’ve passed it along to many from our children’s programs at church. Everyone’s talking about it. We’re also doing Creation and the Armor of God series! So many great ideas, lessons, games….Yeah!!!! Thanks so much.

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