Free Children’s Sermons

Giving the “children’s sermon” can be intimidating, even for experienced pastors or Sunday School teachers. But finding good faith based  object talks for kids has never been easier. Here are a few places to find the right Bible lesson for your next ministry moment. Our website has a growing collection of sermons for kids.

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Salvation Object Lesson with an EggSalvation Object Lesson: Here is a simple way to teach children about what happens when Christ saves us. All you need is one hard boiled egg and a marker. Kids will discover that Jesus removes our sin and takes away our hard heart toward God.

Children's Sermon IdeasChildren’s Sermons in a Sack: This is a fun variation of the tradition kids sermon. These kids messages in a sack are creative, interactive ways of sharing Bible lessons, scripture passages, or characteristics of God.  It’s an object lesson, utilizing an object of the child’s choosing.

Children's Sermon about freedomFreedom in Christ: This children’s message would be great for patriotic holidays like the 4th of July. It can be used anytime you want to remind kids about the freedom they can only experience by knowing Jesus Christ. It’s based on John 8:31-37. These notes are long, so you can actually teach this over several weeks.

Popcorn object lesson

Aroma of Christ Object Lesson with Popcorn


Two Object lessons about the Love of God

Baby talking on phone

Two Object Lessons about Praying to God

Resisting Temptation

Three Object Lessons on Resisting Temptation

Children’s Sermon About Creation (Days 1-4) – An interactive retelling of the first four days of creation.

He Sat Down! – A simple reminder for kids and adults that Jesus finished our salvation and we must trust him rather than our own efforts.

Children’s Message about Father’s Day – Remind the children and congregation what the Bible says about fatherhood.

Candy Cane Poem (Christmas Children’s Sermon)- includes a printable handout

Jonah & the Big Fish Kids Message(Pt. 1) and (Pt. 2) -The story about Jonah is always a winner and lends itself to creative methods.

Thinking about the Christmas Lights (Kids Sermon) – Why do we love the lights at Christmas time and what does this teach us about the true light of the world.

God the Holy Spirit is Everywhere  (Children’s Sermon)

March Madness Basketball Themed Object Lesson

More Free Kids Sermons Online

  • Denise Day Spencer has posted several excellent object lessons for kids. She has a whole series on the parables of Jesus and adds something new every few months.
  • Francis Woodruff shares her children’s sermons too.
  • The Kentucky Baptist Convention has great how-to article (PDF file).
  • The website offers printable children’s sermons in both English and Spanish.
  • Sermons4Kids is another helpful resource. Be sure to see their index to find object talks by scripture or topic.

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  1. says


    I am hoping you would be willing to share a link on your website for my newly launched children’s sermon blog:

    It will contain a children’s sermon for each Sunday, as well as various ideas and resources for children’s ministry.

    I am an ordained minister in the Presbyterian Church, U.S.A., and have written a series of children’s sermon books entitled A Time With Our Children: Stories for Use in Worship, published by The United Church Press. I look forward to taking this ministry online with new stories and ideas.

    Thank-you for your kind consideration.

    The Rev. Dianne E. Deming

  2. says

    Praise LORD . Very much usefull material for kids who are not Christian background. We are team of 4 people working with childrens ministry in knowledge park greater noida near Delhi .

  3. nkeng bridget says

    thank God for you ,am very impress about this site it has help me very greatly am a teacher in the school i always use sermon here to teach my children in class,
    may God richly bless you

  4. Sam says

    thanks for your inspiring resourses, i am blessed and encouraged as a young children minister. keep up the good work. it is well.

  5. Wanda Johnston says

    I would like to thank you for all that you offer us totaly free to use. I am so appreciative of those who do not charge for something that is for God or Jesus. I just do not understand why if being saved is so important, (which I know without a shadow of a dought we have to be saved!) why do people charge so much when a lot of people do not have money to buy their books, lessons, CDs or DVDs. I have enjoyed sharing the lessons with my Sunday School students now for about three years. Your lessons are so informative and fun. The lessons get the attention of the children. Thank you so much. God bless you all!!! Wanda Johnston

  6. Glory Rajan says

    I would appreciate some interesting Bible stories for the Christian children who are not interested in the Bible class. Real life stories based on Bible passages are also welcome. Thanx in advance.

  7. JULIUS says

    Hai! my name is JULIUS. I ‘m based in Malawi.The column ispired me very much because of the same experience that am having in my sunday schoo class. Only few people can write and read, so it is a challange for me and them to comunicate. secondly is that the age difference, how can i separate them yet im the only one teaching this chidren? any suggession shall do a great deal to my life.

  8. Karina Schiaffino Campos says

    Hi! My name is Karina. I’m from Argentina and I work with kids. They are spanish native speakers but I’m teaching them the Bible (stories) in English. I hope giving them a tool (English) and the word of God for the missionary work. It is a hard work because I work with a lot of visual aids in order to make them understand English language. So pray for these argentinian kids and any suggestion is well received. Thanks.

  9. Shirley says

    I am presenting to the 2-6 year olds diligence and faithfullness.
    my story is Genesis 39 1-6 Joseph serving in Potiphar’s house. Any good ideas. please

  10. Donna Williams says

    I’m doing a childrens church for a ladys camp and would like ideas on the love of God and the fruit of the spirit. I’ll then decide on these thems to use. any sugestions would be greatly recieved. dont for get craft, skits, etc.
    Cheers Donna

  11. Veronica Suri says

    Thank you so much for this wonderful website. I am having trouble with finding children sermons about The parable of the lamp on the hill on Mark 4:21-24. Could you direct me in the right path.
    Thank you

  12. Opeyemi Olufoye says

    This is very interesting, we need to catch them young by presenting all these stories that can transform their little hearts for Christ. Keep up the good work.

  13. Susie says

    The children in my class had a chance to say what they would like a lesson on, as a reward. I told them I would do what they requested. I didn’t expect them to say, “cowboy story”, but they did. I prayed about this and I would hope it was God that set me on to an old record by Marty Robbins. It’s called, The Master’s Call . It is certainly a song about rebellion and redemption. I can do a story around the song and I think it will be a good lesson for them.

  14. Neelam says

    Praise the Lord!
    Wel I m looking forward any such kind of material for children by which they receive the complete knowlege of Bible (Basics)
    Serially from Genesis to Revelation……………..

  15. lucy says

    want to thank you for the lesson plans. i realy love the ministy of children but i didnt know how to go about it. i am feeling so blessed that i now have topic to teach the little ones. may God bless you, keep you, meet the desire of your heart and continue annoiting you to enable you continue with this ministry of children. you are wonderful, God bless.

  16. Pastor Pat says

    Do you have lesson (s) on the topic of Baptism for children 7-12?
    4 children accepted Jesus as Savior last Sunday and want to be baptized ( I have parental consent and joy) and I we are a new ministry and have hot baptized children as yet. I pray you can help.

    Thanks do much!
    Pastor Pat

    • R.Ferland says

      Hi Pastor Pat,
      I’m sure you’ve already completed the Baptism lesson by now, but thought I’d post this for anyone interested.

      One of our FAVORITE ways to teach children about Baptism is by using a Cucumber object lesson…

      Before we accept Christ & are Baptised, we are just a simple Cucumber… but once we are Baptised we become like Pickles :-) … A Pickle is simply a Cucumber who has been “submersed” and soaked in vineger, and thru this decision and commitment it is forever changed into a Pickle… still a Cucumber, but a CHANGED Cucumber…. just as a Christian who has accepted Christ and chosen to be Baptised, to be changed both internally and externally (thru a visible life change) and making a commitment to follow Christ!

      Don’t know if that helps, but as you can see MANY object lessons from the Cucumber / Pickle object lesson can be made to help children understand (and adults too!) the commitment of Baptism!

  17. Brenda Morrow says

    I just wanted to thank you for all the lessons you ahve sent me. All the children in my church have enjoyed them. Even some of the adults have told me they enjoyed them too. Keep them coming and keep up the good work. God has blessed you.


  18. Jennifer Gamboa says

    Do you have anything on the Parable of the Great Banquet? I don’t know where to start and what activities to do with the children…

    Thanks so much, in advance, for your consideration in this matter!


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