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Giving the “children’s sermon” can be intimidating, even for experienced pastors or Sunday School teachers. But finding good faith based  object talks for kids has never been easier. Here are a few places to find the right Bible lesson for your next ministry moment. Our website has a growing collection of sermons for kids.

Use the search page to find a specific topic, Bible reference, or object.

Salvation Object Lesson with an EggSalvation Object Lesson: Here is a simple way to teach children about what happens when Christ saves us. All you need is one hard boiled egg and a marker. Kids will discover that Jesus removes our sin and takes away our hard heart toward God.

Children's Sermon IdeasChildren’s Sermons in a Sack: This is a fun variation of the tradition kids sermon. These kids messages in a sack are creative, interactive ways of sharing Bible lessons, scripture passages, or characteristics of God.  It’s an object lesson, utilizing an object of the child’s choosing.

Children's Sermon about freedomFreedom in Christ: This children’s message would be great for patriotic holidays like the 4th of July. It can be used anytime you want to remind kids about the freedom they can only experience by knowing Jesus Christ. It’s based on John 8:31-37. These notes are long, so you can actually teach this over several weeks.

Popcorn object lesson
Aroma of Christ Object Lesson with Popcorn
Two Object lessons about the Love of God
Baby talking on phone
Two Object Lessons about Praying to God
Resisting Temptation
Three Object Lessons on Resisting Temptation

Children’s Sermon About Creation (Days 1-4) – An interactive retelling of the first four days of creation.

He Sat Down! – A simple reminder for kids and adults that Jesus finished our salvation and we must trust him rather than our own efforts.

Children’s Message about Father’s Day – Remind the children and congregation what the Bible says about fatherhood.

God the Holy Spirit is Everywhere  (Children’s Sermon)

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March Madness Basketball Themed Object Lesson

More Free Kids Sermons Online

  • Sermons4Kids is another helpful resource. Be sure to see their index to find object talks by scripture or topic.


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    I am hoping you would be willing to share a link on your website for my newly launched children’s sermon blog:

    It will contain a children’s sermon for each Sunday, as well as various ideas and resources for children’s ministry.

    I am an ordained minister in the Presbyterian Church, U.S.A., and have written a series of children’s sermon books entitled A Time With Our Children: Stories for Use in Worship, published by The United Church Press. I look forward to taking this ministry online with new stories and ideas.

    Thank-you for your kind consideration.

    The Rev. Dianne E. Deming


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