Fruit of the Spirit Scripture Song & Video

The video above was recorded by Seeds Family Worship to kick-off the blog tour of their latest album called “Seeds of Character.” It’s an amazing set of songs all directly on God’s Word. The whole point is to plant Scripture into the hearts of kids and families. We have a whole series of lessons & activities based on the Fruit of the Spirit.

As part of this tour, we hosted a giveaway too, but that is no over.

The Seeds of Character blog tour is continuing all week on these other great website. Click through to them to see new videos.
~ Justin Taylor hosts “The Life” video on 5/17
~ Impress Your Kids hosts “The Character Song” on 5/18
~ Sami Cone hosts The Wages & The Gift on 5/19
~ Dad in the Middle hosts “Put on Love” on 5/20
~ Homeschool Creations hosts “Delight” on 5/23
~ Tim Challies hosts “More Than hosts Conquerors” 5/24
~ Home With The Boys hosts “Teach Them” on 5/25
~ Angie Smith hosts “The Perfect Example” on 5/26
~ Faithful Provisions hosts “Give Thanks” on 5/30
~ Girl Talk Home hosts “Children & Fathers” on 5/30


  1. says

    I just ran the drawing and the winner has been notified by email. Thanks to everyone who participated. This has been a great conversation about the Fruit of the Spirit.

    Thanks to Seeds Family Worship for sending this video too!

  2. just mom says

    What a great song!

    I really love this scripture, and have even more so since the year our church did a program surrounding each of the fruits of the spirit.

    I would most want to instill love in my children – love of family, friends (and yes, even enemies!). . . and most of all, a love of God. :-)

  3. says

    Great new song! Hard question but something good to think about! Lately I want to be a good example of patience to my son, waiting on God and His timing.

  4. Francilyn says

    the fruit of the spirit i would love to see in children is patience. I realized lately that they are not patient everything they want it right now. which is bad cause they could end up in a lot of trouble and won’t be able to wait on God when they pray to him.

  5. Janice Fast says

    I would most like my kids and grandkids to see patience in me. Seems there is often a lack of it in this world.
    Gave our grandkids the SEEDS CD we received at the D6 Conference – they l-o-v-e-d it! Mom & Dad then got them the whole set for Christmas.