Fruit of the Spirit Scripture Song & Video

The video above was recorded by Seeds Family Worship to kick-off the blog tour of their latest album called “Seeds of Character.” It’s an amazing set of songs all directly on God’s Word. The whole point is to plant Scripture into the hearts of kids and families. We have a whole series of lessons & activities based on the Fruit of the Spirit.

As part of this tour, we hosted a giveaway too, but that is no over.

The Seeds of Character blog tour is continuing all week on these other great website. Click through to them to see new videos.
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~ Dad in the Middle hosts “Put on Love” on 5/20
~ Homeschool Creations hosts “Delight” on 5/23
~ Tim Challies hosts “More Than hosts Conquerors” 5/24
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  1. says

    I just ran the drawing and the winner has been notified by email. Thanks to everyone who participated. This has been a great conversation about the Fruit of the Spirit.

    Thanks to Seeds Family Worship for sending this video too!

  2. just mom says

    What a great song!

    I really love this scripture, and have even more so since the year our church did a program surrounding each of the fruits of the spirit.

    I would most want to instill love in my children – love of family, friends (and yes, even enemies!). . . and most of all, a love of God. :-)

  3. says

    Great new song! Hard question but something good to think about! Lately I want to be a good example of patience to my son, waiting on God and His timing.

  4. Francilyn says

    the fruit of the spirit i would love to see in children is patience. I realized lately that they are not patient everything they want it right now. which is bad cause they could end up in a lot of trouble and won’t be able to wait on God when they pray to him.

  5. Janice Fast says

    I would most like my kids and grandkids to see patience in me. Seems there is often a lack of it in this world.
    Gave our grandkids the SEEDS CD we received at the D6 Conference – they l-o-v-e-d it! Mom & Dad then got them the whole set for Christmas.

  6. Marilyn Johnson says

    I want the children to see all of the fruits of the spirit in me but if I had to choose one it would be love (and faithfulness next).

  7. Teena says

    Excellent music!
    I would love to see the children I work with display Kindness. It is an outward demonstration of love and self-control.

  8. Roy Gilbert says

    It’s hard to choose just one fruit. But since you said JUST ONE…..I choose kindness. In a world where bullying, fighting, war, and terrorism are part of the daily headlines. Where more and more people are arrested for some form of child abuse, neglect or molestation, the children I come in contact with need to be shown love through simple kindness.

  9. Melissa Youngblood says

    Love is the fruit of the spirit character I want to instill in my son. If you have love in Christ then everything else will fall into place.

  10. Jennifer Hoffard says

    I love this, it is great to find new ways to bring God into my children’s lives. Not to mention always trying to find a way to keep their attention long enough to tell them anything. Just love!!!!!!!

  11. paulabarrett says

    Love is the fruit of the spirit character that I would like people to see through me. Love is who god is. It is what God is truly about. Love is what we need to get by. In this life and the next we must always exemplify “love”. Caring and sharing for everything and everybody.

  12. paulabarrett says

    I would like the children to see gods love in me. God is love in all that we do we must show that love is what makes and keeps us in perfect peace. Love is what we need to survive in this society. Love everything and everybody. Love is the most important fruit of the spirit. We need this in order for the other eight to survive. We must all feed off of “LOVE” for each other.

  13. Leslie Wilkie says

    LOVE…I want them to see Jesus in me through my love! With love all the other Fruits will follow. I love the song…y’all sound great!!

  14. Amy Neighbors says

    I would love for my children to witness all of the spiritual fruits in me, but the one that stands out in my mind now is goodness. Adults often ask children to “be good.” I think that the world has an abstract idea of goodness, but God’s goodness can only come through abiding in Him. This fruit of the spirit is fueled by the Word of God as an active wholesomeness woven through life’s good and bad to exhibit our belief in the one true God, our salvation through Jesus and our desire to live a life led by Him. I would like for God’s goodness to be evident in me to the little ones whose eyes are watching me.

  15. Cheryl says

    Love Seeds Family Worship. Great resource and teaching children scripture!

  16. Fay Holthusen says

    The fruit of the Spirit I most desire to see in my life is – love. God is Love and thru Him all love flows. If I allow His love to flow thru me to all the children I come in contact with – they will see Him and know HIS love. We all need to know the amazing love of God our Father. Thanks for the rockin’ song – Fay

  17. Diane Howard says

    All five of the Fruits of the Spirit were shown each day of Christ’s life. We need to show our children just how much we need to walk in footsteps. All of your material is wonderful and I pray that the one that needs it the most will receive this fine giveaway. May God Bless all that are involved in making of the music and videos and lessons for our children to build a foundation on. What this country needs most is the Fruit of the Spirit right now! Thanks again for giving us an opportunity to register for these giveaways.

  18. Wendi Boling says

    I love your music! I have always thought that setting verse to music is a much easier way to memorize scripture. Your songs just sound WAAY better than what I come up with though!! Keep it coming!

  19. says

    Hum…I’d have to say that I most desire my kids to see love…it pretty much sums up all the rest. :)

  20. Christina says

    I want my baby girl to have the fruit of love. Because I beleive that if she has love for God and love for others, all the other fruits will follow.

  21. Ashley Sebastiani says

    I’d like my children and the children I teach to see love in me. I think all the others come out of love. Love for God. Love for my neighbor. Joy, patience, faithfulness, goodness, kindness, gentleness and self control will all flow out if I have love.

  22. Tina Burton says

    Awesome. Satan so fights our children. We need to reach them early and one of the best ways to plant God’s word in their hearts is through music!!! Great Job!!!!

  23. rhonda bristol says

    The fruit of the spirit which i desire for children to see in me is love, this i because love is God and it comes fom God. It depicts the character of Christ, which shows all five fruits of the spirit.

  24. Christine Coulter says

    I would REALLY like to see my kids (I have 5 of them) see all of them in me, but I suppose the one that I need the most work on, and the one that I’d like them to model is patience. Boy,are there days when I need patience and can’t seem to find any!!!

  25. Lucia Jones says

    Small church working very hard to hold the youth this is a wonderful song –faith –then all will follow

  26. Lauri Warden says

    I loved the song. We plan on teaching the Fruits of the Spirt to our 1st-6th grade girls this summer, and I think this song would be fantastic to help them learn them. It will also give us teaching points to talk about what gratifying the flesh means and how the Holy Spirit can help them to do the right thing. AWESOME WORK!

  27. Carolyn Leu says

    Peace, right now I need the peace of God. I just found out that I am losing my teaching job after 25 years. I need God’s peace to help me close this chapter in my life and look for the window that God is opening for me.

  28. Rhonda Love says

    Enjoyed the music. Think this will be help for the kids I wowrk with.

  29. Lisa Kauffman says

    I would want my kids to see all of them in me but most of all faithfulness!That way they will learn to trust Jesus too.

  30. mona overton says

    I love the title Seeds of Character. In the generation coming up today needs to know that character still matters. Keep up the good work. God Bless ————— Mona O.

  31. J. Pemberton says

    I pray that my children see all of the fruits of the spirit in my husband and I everyday…but most of all, if I had to choose one… would be FAITHFULNESS. Faithfuness is the foundation tha l allows for the other fruits to florish within the spirit.

  32. Deana Hansler says

    Thanks for the song! We are doing a VBS this year on the fruit of the spirit and this song would be perfect.
    I think that the fruit I want others to see in me would be love because if I love, even when I don’t feel like it, the other fruit will follow and be evident in my life.

  33. says

    I’m going to go with joy. It’s my prayer that Christ will make Himself their joy so that in all things, they treasure Him and our able to withstand temptation to cave to lesser things and also let their lives point to Him because of the joy they have in Him.

  34. akanbi magdalene says

    I love this video,I would want my kids to see the fruit of love in me
    because love is the greatest!!!

  35. Mollie says

    I would like for them to see kindness. If you are kind to everyone, they in turn will show kindness back. I have found that everyone has some sort of kindness in their hearts, be it showing all the time, or just a hint. Kindness is what Jesus showed everyone. HE was always showing people that if you treat them the way you wanted to be treated, they will treat you the same way back.

  36. Cyndy Martin says

    Great song! How to choose one of the fruits?! I will say I want the kids to see God’s Love in me. Love encompasses all. Love never fails :)

  37. Ron Larson says

    The fruit of love! That was the basis of Jesus’ teachings and the most difficult to master!

  38. says

    The fruit of the Spirit I would like most to be reflected in my life and my kids is kindness. Thank you for sharing your gift of music.
    Berry nice!

  39. Natalie says

    I want children to see JOY in my life always. Joyfulness draws children and if they are drawn they can then be lovingly led.

  40. Becky says

    Love- when they know I love them I will have earned the privelege of investing in them and guiding them spiritually!

  41. Anna Ethington says

    I like the seed of Love & Joy. I want children especially to not only know Love .I want them to feel Love & Joy in their lives. I want them to Know, that they know Jesus Loves them. That We as true Christains love them .That our church Loves them and will always be there when they need us. We as christains have to show the Love of Jesus , that Jesus is Love , Joy and Peace.