Easter Sunday School Lessons

If your church is like mine, then Easter Sunday will be a high attendance day in your Sunday school and Children’s ministry. We want to make Easter about the resurrection of Jesus Christ. But what should you teach if your Sunday school curriculum does not have a dated lesson for Easter? Don’t miss our crafts and coloring pages for Easter.

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More Easter Ideas for Sunday School

Be sure to browse all our latest resources related to Easter. You’ll also find a growing selection of Easter craft ideas. Crafts are always a great way to promote hands on learning. There are so many powerful symbols of Easter in the Christian tradition. These can easily be used to retell and teach the story of Jesus being raised from the dead.

We also have a forum thread where other readers are sharing their ideas for Easter.

Try this “Thomas Believes” Sunday School worksheet for an extra activity on hand for your lesson plan.

There are many places on the internet to find Bible lessons about Easter to teach in your children’s Sunday school class. Here are a few worth checking out:

Kidology Easter Zone has several free activities and lessons for your Easter Sunday School.

Another popular option is to use a special Easter lesson like the Resurrection Eggs. Most churches have a set somewhere in their Sunday school department. It is basically an extended object lesson with twelve eggs each having a clue about the meaning of Easter. I like the Gospel focus of this approach, but would be a little hesitant to do such a complicated object lesson.

Sometimes a dramatic video about Easter can be very effective in telling the Easter story in a fresh way. As a rule I don’t like to use video teaching in Sunday school, but an occasional video is an excellent way to use technology. Be sure to select a video that you have personally watched. When using a video it is good to pause it every ten minutes for discussion. Kids have a lot more questions than they can hold to the end of the Sunday school period.


  1. Patti says

    Thank you Toni for your ministry, This sight is a life saver for us teachers who need a last minute lesson.
    You truly glorify our Lord with these lessons.

  2. JONATHAN T. GRAY says

    Good day Tony, Praise be to God from whom all blessings come.My prayer for you is that God will uplift your Ministry. Our Ministry is plainning a great Easter program, with an EASTER EGG HUNT,About 2oo children, from 15 different churches are expected to participate in this program which will also include;SINGINGS,DRAMAS,SKITS, AND A SPECIAL EASTER MESSAGE, from one of the kids.Gifts will be giving to winners.

  3. Bev says

    I would love to hear how to do the “magic trick” about Jesus death and resurrection. We have only done a scripture hunt the last few years on Easter, but I think I will have it on Sat. and have it more open to the community. What a wonderful way to spread the gospel to the neighborhood around us.

  4. Beth says

    We do a community Easter Egg Hunt as a way to reach out to the non-churched families in our area. We always do a brunch, photo op and a short “message” prior to the egg hunt. Last year we did a “magic trick” with and white cloth and photo developer to demonstrate how Jesus’ death and ressurection cleanses our sins. I am at a loss for something new to do this year. We try to keep it short 3-7 min since it is for children and primarily non-churched families. Any suggestions?

  5. jill says

    this is in response to sita jayatilaka; my bible tells me that we are to go out and tell the world about Jesus and the blood he shed . That they too can be born again. But, without the knowledge they cannot have faith. That is my faith and my belief so yes, I do think we should try our best to tell others.

  6. Ruth says

    In India the Easter Egg hunt is not a tradition but I have been thinking about something like a Treasure hunt with verses for our children.

  7. sita jayatilaka says

    Do you think that we are called upon to convert others to our faith or our way of thinking. I really dont. GOD, His SON and the HOLY SPIRIT will do the needful. We are called upon to show the love of Christ, and do things that would please him. These acts will will touch their hearts to inquire as to why they received love and kindness. The SPIRIT of the LORD will step in and provide the ignition!! Am I on the correct path? Share your faith and thoughts please.

  8. Melissa says

    I’ve really never thaught about an “egg hunt” taking away from what the true meaning of Easter is. I’ve been children’s ministry director form almost three years now- I just continued the “tradition” of the last director – The only difference being we do not have a hunt on Easter Sunday-Our hunt this year is being held at my daughters home on Saturday the 15th-Last year we visisted one of the Nursing homes in our area and delivered flowers then came back and did a coloring contest/lunch and then the hunt-parents of children that are not “faithful” to church had a blast and were actually in church the next day.

  9. Jared Kennedy says

    Our kids worship leader, Chandi, has a cute idea for our kids worship time. We’re singing “Low in the Grave He Lay.” The kids will begin in a squatting position for the verses, then they will jump up and down with hands and arms stretched above their heads as we begin the chorus. I realized that I’ve been doing this inside all of my life. It will be fun to actually get to jump along with the kids!!

  10. Carolyn!@Goodsprings Baptist says

    I do the resurrection eggs during our egg hunt while the
    eggs are being hidden. On Easter morning, for the five
    year olds sunday school I do a story I call : The darkest
    day\the brightest day. I use the large flannel board and already have the 3 crosses up. It is covered with a piece of (see-through) black nylon net. This represents
    the darkness God sent that sad day. For the brightest day, I change it to the tomb with the stone rolled away.
    the children decorate it with felt easter lilies.

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