Easter Sunday School Lessons

If your church is like mine, then Easter Sunday will be a high attendance day in your Sunday school and Children’s ministry. We want to make Easter about the resurrection of Jesus Christ. But what should you teach if your Sunday school curriculum does not have a dated lesson for Easter? Don’t miss our crafts and coloring pages for Easter.

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More Easter Ideas for Sunday School

Be sure to browse all our latest resources related to Easter. You’ll also find a growing selection of Easter craft ideas. Crafts are always a great way to promote hands on learning. There are so many powerful symbols of Easter in the Christian tradition. These can easily be used to retell and teach the story of Jesus being raised from the dead.

We also have a forum thread where other readers are sharing their ideas for Easter.

Try this “Thomas Believes” Sunday School worksheet for an extra activity on hand for your lesson plan.

There are many places on the internet to find Bible lessons about Easter to teach in your children’s Sunday school class. Here are a few worth checking out:

Kidology Easter Zone has several free activities and lessons for your Easter Sunday School.

Another popular option is to use a special Easter lesson like the Resurrection Eggs. Most churches have a set somewhere in their Sunday school department. It is basically an extended object lesson with twelve eggs each having a clue about the meaning of Easter. I like the Gospel focus of this approach, but would be a little hesitant to do such a complicated object lesson.

Sometimes a dramatic video about Easter can be very effective in telling the Easter story in a fresh way. As a rule I don’t like to use video teaching in Sunday school, but an occasional video is an excellent way to use technology. Be sure to select a video that you have personally watched. When using a video it is good to pause it every ten minutes for discussion. Kids have a lot more questions than they can hold to the end of the Sunday school period.