Gospel Games for Fall Fun

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Kids Game idea for Fall Festivals
With Halloween fast approaching, many churches and schools have their own take on how to celebrate (or avoid) the holiday. There are “harvest celebrations,” “Trunk-or-treats,” “Hallelujah instead…” Since we have been blessed with a spirit of joyous love, and not fear, it is only right that we allow celebration and fun at this time of year, but with a faithful intent. As Christians, we have access to an amazing source of supernatural stories…the Bible! Here we see dead men come to life, demonic pigs run off a cliff, water turn to blood (and wine!), Holy spirit tongues of fire, and more! So with purely scriptural inspiration, here are a few potential games and activities to incorporate at your next autumn event…
Lazarus Mummy Race: Children race (in pairs or groups) with toilet paper to “mummify” a friend in honor of the Lazarus story. Mummy winners can be contested based on speed or creativity. For extra fun, have an “unravel” race as well.
“Talitha Koum” Surprise game: Based on the raising of Jairus’s daughter, this game is a spin-off on an old child favorite. It can be played inside or out (as space and weather permit). One child is the “sleeping” girl, and sits or lies at one end of the room/field. The rest of the children gradually sneak up on her, whispering “Talitha koum!” When the “it” chooses (at any point), she jumps up suddenly and chases the remaining children, who run back to their starting line. The first one caught is the next sleeper.
Obstacle Course of Plagues: Create an Exodus-themed series of challenges based on the plagues of Egypt. Obstacles could include drinking punch upside-down or quickly; leapfrog racing; a “whack-a-mole” style fly swatting challenge (use a laser or projector to flash images of bugs on the wall and have kids hit them with fly-swatters); barnyard animal sounds “concert”; sprinkler “hail” dash; water balloon pegging/popping; grasshopper cookie munching; and blindfold mazes…get creative with additional options!
Transfiguration Tabernacles: Jesus appeared with an amazing shining light on the Mount of transfiguration. Using blankets and chairs, have kids race to build “tents” and forts in a large room. Dive under with flashlights to illuminate faces.
Holy Spirit Windsocks: At Pentecost, the Holy Spirit came in a rush of wind and fire. Have a discussion about fire safety (enjoy S’mores if possible!) and then make a craft of wind sock streamers with red, orange, and yellow tissue paper.
Snack Possibilities: deviled ham sandwiches (a la healing of demonic man); body part “leprosy” gummy snacks; frozen banana “mummies…”
Again, all of these options are possible ideas to jumpstart your event planning. If desired and age-appropriate, more of the spiritual realm (demons/angels etc) or macabre could certainly be incorporated. Hopefully this is a “safe” and fun start!
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