Bible Lesson: Make Time For God

Bible Lesson -  Make Time for God

In this passage Jesus gets up early and finds a place to pray before He begins his busy day.  The disciples went looking for him because they did not understand the importance He placed on spending time with God.  Through this lesson children will learn the importance of spending time with God.  God is in […]

Bible Lesson: Jesus Fills Us Up

Bible Lesson: Jesus fills us up

A person without Christ is like a man walking through the desert.  Completely dry and in need of water.  Christ is the living water of our lives.  He sustains us and fills us up.  Just as the body cannot live without water the soul cannot live without Jesus.   This lesson uses the contrast of a […]

Lesson: He Will Come Unto Us Like Rain

Bible Lesson: He will come to us like rain.

Lesson Title:   He will Come Unto Us like Rain Bible Reference:  Hosea 6:1-3 Target Age Group: Preschool to Elementary Learning Context: Sunday School Target Time Frame: 45 minutes Memory Verse: “And he shall come unto us as the rain.” Hosea 6:3 Gospel Connection: Sometimes in life we allow ourselves to drift further apart from God […]