Bible Lesson – Putting Others Before Ourselves

Putting Others First - Bible Lesson for Kids

In our culture, competitiveness is a part of everyday life. Our children value being the best at whatever it is they are doing.  It is good that children strive to always do their best, but the Bible teaches us to be humble and to always do for others without thinking of ourselves.  This lesson will […]

Bible Lesson: Make Time For God

Bible Lesson -  Make Time for God

In this passage Jesus gets up early and finds a place to pray before He begins his busy day.  The disciples went looking for him because they did not understand the importance He placed on spending time with God.  Through this lesson children will learn the importance of spending time with God.  God is in […]

Bible Lesson: Jesus Fills Us Up

Bible Lesson: Jesus fills us up

A person without Christ is like a man walking through the desert.  Completely dry and in need of water.  Christ is the living water of our lives.  He sustains us and fills us up.  Just as the body cannot live without water the soul cannot live without Jesus.   This lesson uses the contrast of a […]

Bible Lesson: Jesus’ Message is for Everyone

Bible Lesson - Jesus' Message is for Everyone

When Jesus called Levi to become a disciple many people were shocked.  Jesus was the Son of God, while Levi was a sinner and a tax collector.  The Pharisees felt that Jesus was too good to be seen with someone like Levi.  But Jesus knew that Salvation was for everyone.  Jesus used the calling of […]

Preschool Lesson: Jesus Can Heal Sick People


In this passage, children will learn about Jesus’ power. Many people were amazed and shocked to discover that Jesus had the power to heal the sick and cast out demons. This account affirms Jesus’ position as the Son of God. Through this lesson children will learn that Jesus is God’s son and as such holds […]