Christian Parenting Conference on DVD

For years, I’ve been recommending Age of Opportunity as an excellent and Gospel-focused book about Christian parenting. Now that same author has a whole parenting conference on DVD called “Getting to the Heart of Parenting.” Each of the 10 sessions last for about 25 minutes. That makes it an excellent tool for a small group, church seminary, or private study. … More Children’s Ministry Resources

Christian Parenting is Combat: Albert Mohler

Here is my rough summary and paraphrase of the session with Dr. Mohler. I will post the audio when it is released so you can listen for yourself. Albert Mohler never disappoints in his communication ability. His wise discussion of parenting was seasoned with humor and personal stories. This session helped me better understand what it means to be a … More Children’s Ministry Resources

Top 10 Christian Parenting Websites

Here are my top 10 Christian parenting websites. These are the sites I most often recommend to people I know. They offer disciple tips, information on child development and more. They offer Christian parenting resources and help for Christian parents. If I left off your favorite Christian parenting website – just leave a comment and I will add it to … More Children’s Ministry Resources

Outreach Idea: Host a Parenting Class

A strong church focuses on the family–in whatever form that family takes. Whether a family is a single parent or a large blended family, chances are parents will face challenges they didn’t plan on. An angry tween who can’t seem to move past a divorce, a toddler with severe separation anxiety, a frazzled parent who has no idea what to … More Children’s Ministry Resources

How to Raise a Fake Christian

Raising kids that truly love Jesus is hard work. That’s why so many of parents settle for plan B. What would happen if you were actually trying to raise a pretend believer? Here are some 9 steps you might take. My point is not to encourage this type of parenting, only to point out where we might be doing it on accident. Click … More Children’s Ministry Resources

New DVD series based on Spiritual Parenting

On the heels of her incredible book Spiritual Parenting, author Michelle Anthony has a new DVD resource series now available through David C. Cook Publishing. Dr. Michelle Anthony is Pastor of Family Ministries at ROCKHARBOR Church in Costa Mesa, California. A former professor at Biola University and Talbot School of Theology, Dr. Anthony has written over a dozen resources for … More Children’s Ministry Resources

Parenting Book Review "One Million Arrows"

My husband and I have two children with big dreams. Our daughter speaks of becoming a doctor one day.  She takes our blood pressure and assesses our symptoms daily.  Her tender heart beats with compassion for those who are ill, especially in poverty stricken countries.  I love the heart that God has given her. Our son speaks of becoming a … More Children’s Ministry Resources

Christian Book on Business for God's Glory

I’ve made it my habit to read about topics outside my normal field of ministry. So, today I was working through a new book by Wayne Grudem titled, “Business for the Glory of God.” Dr. Grudem was one of my favorite authors in Seminary. I’ve spent hundreds of hours with his massive Systematic Theology. That book is still on my … More Children’s Ministry Resources

Biblical Parenting: 10 Tips for Fathers

Several weeks ago at my church, my eyes were opened to a biblical passage.  It is one that I have read many times, but this particular sermon would cause me to view it in a whole new way.  What I had previously read as a general reprimand to a wayward church now appeared as a model for parenting.  With Father’s … More Children’s Ministry Resources

MOPS International: A Resource for Christian Moms

They say that a parent is a child’s primary teacher. The hours are stacked up to support that statement.  In a post entitled 1/168:  Children’s Ministry Hours per Week, Terry Delaney writes that parents have 167 hours to influence their children.  We, as individuals serving God in Children’s Ministry, have 1.  One short hour. In one of his recent posts, … More Children’s Ministry Resources

Children, Parenting & Spiritual Warfare

This article was written by Brent Thomas, Teaching Pastor and an Elder of Grace Community Church in Glen Rose, TX. You can find more of Brent’s articles on his website titled Colossians 3:16As you might know, we are currently (and very expectantly) expecting our fourth boy. Lord willing, Eli Calvin will be here very soon. We are often overwhelmed by … More Children’s Ministry Resources

Free Bible Lessons for Kids

Teach children to love God’s Word with these free Bible lessons and resources from Ministry to Children. Find engaging lessons for toddlers to preteens, covering topics like Jesus’ life, the Armor of God, and the Fruit of the Spirit. New Kids’ Bible Lessons Free PDF Children’s Ministry Lesson Plans Free Bible Studies for Kids Download over 700+ Bible lesson plans … More Children’s Ministry Resources

Walking with the Way Maker: A New Journey Begins in Children’s Ministry

Children's Ministry, Christian Education, Sunday School, Faith Formation, Bible Teaching, Jesus's Miracles, Christian Curriculum, Spiritual Growth, Walking with the Way Maker, Religious Education, Christian Parenting, Christian Blogging

The Sunday School Store has just launched a new curriculum called “Walking with the Way Maker: 5-Week Children’s Ministry Curriculum.” This curriculum is designed to guide children aged 6-12 through the miracles of Jesus, demonstrating His divinity and constant presence in times of difficulty. Where will kids turn in the storms of life? In today’s world, our children are often … More Children’s Ministry Resources

New Children’s Ministry Curriculum: “Everyday Heroes: Honoring God’s Workforce”

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We are excited to announce the launch of our latest children’s ministry curriculum – “Everyday Heroes: Honoring God’s Workforce“. This 5-week downloadable series is crafted with the aim to teach our children the value and dignity of work from a biblical perspective. This engaging new curriculum is available for immediate download from The Sunday School Store. This is a perfect … More Children’s Ministry Resources

153 Children's Ministry Websites & Blogs

Welcome to the exhaustive list of kids ministry blogs – updated March 2019. We started with 101 but ended up listing 153 different sites about ministry to children! Happy browsing. TOP 25 CHILDREN’s MINISTRY BLOGS #1 Children’s Ministry (dot com) The most widely read magazine in children’s ministry also has an amazing blog! Their content is a virtual education in … More Children’s Ministry Resources

Parents That Embarrass Their Kids

Kids have such soft hearts and squishy spirits. Why would you ever want to intentionally embarrass them? That doesn’t stop some parents from humiliating their little ones and not accidentally. Let’s face it—we all embarrass our kids eventually but that’s usually because we dress too trendy or too dated or say something that makes us sound “lame.” I’m not a … More Children’s Ministry Resources

Podcast #14 The Legacy Path with Brian Haynes

In this fast moving interview, I talk with Brain Haynes about his new Christian parenting book titled The Legacy Path. Among other topics, I asked how these principles can help the non-traditional and broken families our churches need to reach with the Gospel. Update ~ Brian also responded specifically to one of my questions on his blog. Directions: To listen … More Children’s Ministry Resources

Mario Doesn't Live Here

My friend Trevin Wax just posted a great article on his website titled Dear Dad and Mom, Thanks for Shooting Mario. It’s a public thank you note to his parents for setting responsible limits on his video game exposure as a child. He writes: I realize it would have been much easier for you to let the Nintendo babysit us … More Children’s Ministry Resources

Bible Verses about Children – What Jesus Said about the blessing of kids, protecting children, and Gods teaching about children in the Scripture

God’s Word says a lot in these Bible verses about children. Kids matter to Jesus – the Bible says it loud & clear. Get this list of short bible verses in a printable PDF or scroll down to see even more. Reference links to comparison translations. See more Bible verses about children from Let the Little Children Come. Their page … More Children’s Ministry Resources

A Father's Day Sermon On The Fifth Commandment

The following sermon was preached by my pastor, Mike Hamby, on Father’s Day at our church. It was a personal encouragement to me. I trust it may help you too. Don’t miss our full list of Bible verses about Christian parenting . Sermon Title: Honor Your Father and Mother Sermon Text: Exodus 20:12 Sermon Series: The Ten Commandments for Today Date: … More Children’s Ministry Resources

Baby Dedication Ceremony: What You Need to Know

baby dedication ceremony order of service ideas

Prepare for Baby Dedication. View our suggested ceremony. Download child dedication certificates and see example messages with prayers of blessing. Printable Baby Dedication Certificate Here is what you need to know when planning a baby dedication service for your church. The printable file below includes this full how-to article, a template baby dedication certificate, and tips for making this a … More Children’s Ministry Resources