Easter Resources for Children’s Ministry

Easter CrossEaster and the celebration of Jesus’ Resurrection is a great time to plan a special activity or lesson for your kids ministry.

This page features all of best materials we’ve published on our website on the topic. You can use these ideas for an Easter Sunday School Lesson or Children’s Church. Please leave a comment to add your own suggestions.

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Easter Lesson Plans for Kids

Easter Craft Ideas for Children

Video Clips about Easter

More Easter Ideas for Kids Ministry

Does the word “Easter” appear in the Bible? There is a little controversy about this. The King James Translation does include the word in Acts 12:4, while nearly all other translations stick with the Greek phrase to mean passover. I think this is a distraction. In the English language and most church traditions Easter has become the normal word to describe the Sunday we celebrate Jesus’ resurrection.


  1. says

    Your curriculums are a life saver. We are a small church with very eager teachers to teach our children. The lessons are easy to implement and the children enjoy them. Thanks and God bless.

  2. Ronda McCarroll says

    My name is Ronda McCarroll and I am a member of Kingdom Christian Center. My Pastor and Co – Pastor Jerry & Charla McClain. The reason for the comment is that I reallt enjoy this website and so does the children Thank you for allowing the God to use you.

  3. says

    Loved the resurrection egg idea. Can’t wait to try that one out. We have done sand art the past several years. It has been a real hit. We print out a label and put it on the bottle with our church info on it. The place we got it at also had a color poem that went along with it. It was great for helping to talk to the kids and not just hunting eggs and leaving! Your sharing of ideas is really awesome and VERY helpful.

  4. says

    I love your resources, and you have a lot of good ideas for Easter. But what about Lent? Without Lent (Ash Wednesday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and all the stuff in between), Easter has no meaning. There’s no point to talk about the Resurrection without first talking about the Crucifixion. I realize it’s harder to talk about, particularly with children, but that’s why I think resources for Lent would be more helpful. I can think of many things to do with kids for Easter, what I would love help with is Lent.

  5. Tracey says

    Hi Tony: Just a note to say that the Walk His Ways Lent Challenge has been a hit with our Sunday School. The kids are enjoying doing the challenge at home — the Sunday after Easter, every kid who tried the challenge will receive a participation award. Thanks for all the great ideas and resources! Have a blessed Easter!


  6. Rosalind says

    the coloring pages for lessons are great, while coloring the childten are have dicussins about the picture……….they are so excited. and the Bible alphabets great for memorization when the get to 7 letters the childten will tape the alphabets on rope, stand in for of the congration and say each letter and what it means to them.

    thank you

  7. Bongi says

    Am a sunday school teacher,you have really help us Kids enjoy…Thank you God bless.

  8. Olive says

    You are a blessing to our children ministry. May God continue to inspire you

  9. Sophie Morgenbrod says

    We are a new church (Prayer Center für Alle Nationen) in Gelsenkirchen Germany. Our website is almost finished.
    I was searching the net for bible lessons for sunday school kids.
    Thanks for the wonderful website. It will be of great help!
    God bless!
    Sophie Morgenbrod

    • MICHÈLE says


  10. Rachel Bowen says

    thank you for have such great ideas for our children. I have found them so helpful, and the kids love them.

  11. Jeannette Jenkins says

    Just want to say how truly blessed i am to have this ideas for me to share with my church member and children may God bless you and continue blessing more

  12. MICHÈLE says

    Hi, I´m Michèle from Spain, thanks for all the great Lent and Easter ideas. This year I will have my sunday school kids celebrate the Last Supper at our sunday school facility, then we will walk the stations of the cross up to our castle where we will try to remember all that Jesus did for us to save us.
    On Easter sunday I hope we can have a Easter egg hunt, not very known here in Spain, but worth trying. Thanks for everyting, you have enriched my sunday school class a lot.

  13. Tito says

    You are doing great to children ministry. May the almighty God bless you and keep on remembering this: The prize for greatness is responsibility

  14. cindi says

    I love your site!!! I looked and looked for creation lessons for children and couldn’t fine any but then God blessed me with this site. It was perfect for my k-2nd graders. Thank you so much, you were an answer to my prayers!

  15. cynthia says


    Do you have a sunday school lesson for the story “A BRSND-NEW DAY” from the BIG PICTURE STORY BIBLE Part 22? I wanted to use this strory for Easter Sunday. .

  16. teresa potter says

    Dear Tony,

    I just wanted to say thanks for all the wonderful material your ministry provides. They have been a great teaching tool for me.My prayer is that God will continue to bless your efforts.

  17. Linda Sylvester says

    Hi there-I was searching thru your materials for children’s church and I noticed the lesson of the Lost Coin. The application of ‘how God can be lost & found’ was interesting but I wanted to share Dr. Kenneth Bailey, a Bible scholar who grew up in the Middle East & most recently, author of Jesus Thru Middle Eastern Eyes.
    Dr. Bailey illuminates from that parable that we are the lost coin the God searches for, and that no matter how soot covered, dirt covered or tarnished, the coin **We!** never loses value, because the value is created by the minter and that can never change. Ahhh

  18. aromolaran says

    welldone with all this work you are doing, the Lord will continue to uphold u and ur household in Jesus name!

  19. Cory Hearnsberger says

    I have been doing the parables and the Good Samaritan, but instead of using puppets I plan on turning it into a one act show by using some adult or kids to volunteer depending on what the lesson is about to help with the lesson so it is interactive. It gets me out of my comfort zone as well.

  20. Beatrice O'Neil says

    i like what i see here too, do you have any ideas for en easter play

  21. Johnny says

    In addition to above suggestion you might consider adding movie time to your Easter get together. I found these Christian DVDs to be very appropriate for this occasion.

  22. Brucelynn says

    I find all the lessons very useful and for the past month have been using it at our Sunday school and the children absolutley love it.

    May God Bless you for doing this for His children…….

  23. Elizabeth says

    I plan on using this lesson tomorrow. I think the children will like it. However, I don’t have the puppets, I am going to read the story and ask questions about it time permitting. Now to find an approprate craft or game. Thanks, I researched quiet a bit of material, and kept coming back to your site.

    Yours in Christ,


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