Jesus’ Family Tree: Matthew 1:1-16 & Luke 3:23-38 Genealogy


I was reading in the Bible where it lists the genealogy of Jesus Christ (Matthew 1:1-16 & Luke 3:23-38). I thought how great would it be for the students in my class to learn about Jesus’ family tree and the bloodline that He came from in order to fulfill prophecy of the Old Testament? So […]

Thanksgiving Interview Idea for Children & Families


Having trouble getting the children in your ministry to talk with the older generations at your church? Here’s a wonderful project to get multiple generations talking together. Give each of the children in your ministry a copy of this interview (there are 2 per page). Have them interview someone in your congregation, trying to have […]

42 Bible Verses about Thankfulness


Thanksgiving is coming and I always like to have my kids look up Bible verses that have to do with being thankful. So I decided to do something a little different this year. I have found 42 verses (I know there are a lot more) from the Bible for them. I am going to put […]

One Thankful Leper: Teaching Skit from Luke 17:11-19


Are you teaching your students about the leper who Jesus healed and came back? It’s in Luke 17:11-19. Here’s a teaching skit that you can use to go along with your lesson. It’s a short one, but getting the children involved in the skit will help them be active in their learning and will hopefully […]

Thanksgiving Acrostic Poem Activity Sheet


During November, I always like to keep the students in my class as well as my own children thinking about being thankful. Children, as well as adults, forget to be thankful for the blessings in our lives. Click here to download This Thanksgiving poem is a great activity to get the children in your life […]