Stories of the Savior – Free Script for Resurrection Day Play


This is a continuation of the previous “Stories of the Savior” program from Christmas. This script is perfect for Resurrection Day, or possibly the week before or after. It continues with the concept that everyone has a story of the Savior. We all have been impacted by Jesus and what He did for us. This […]

Lesson: Jesus Walks on Water (Matthew 14:22-33, Mark 6:45-52)

Bible Lesson: Jesus Walks on Water

Materials:┬áBucket of water, items that float, items that sink, picture of Jesus, large spoon, plastic egg, bucket (2 of each if you want to have teams), tape You can also download a coloring page of Jesus walking on water. Activity: Float vs Sink. – Put the bucket of water on the table – Talk with […]

Barnabas Bible Study

Barnabas is a friend to Paul

Barnabas is one of those people in the Bible that isn’t talked about a whole lot. Here is a basic Bible study of his life. Simply look up the Bible verses and discuss with your students what happened in the verses. I have put some information about the verses to be helpful to you as […]

Lesson: Naaman Is Healed (2 Kings 5)

Bible Lesson for Kids: Naaman is Healed

Sometimes in our life we go through situations that are difficult. Naaman was an interesting character in the Bible. He had leprosy and wanted to be healed, but wasn’t willing to do what God’s prophet, Elisha, told him to do. This is a great lesson to teach our children about following directions and more importantly […]

“Needs Versus Wants” Worksheets & Object Lesson for Children

Needs VRS Wants Pictures

On Sunday in my Pre-K/K Sunday School class, we were learning about the parable that Jesus told about the rich fool in Luke 12:16-21. This is a great parable to talk about needs vs. wants. I created this worksheet so that I could discuss this concept with my young students. I started the conversation with […]