This is a Star, This is a Stable – Christmas Story Reader


I was going around trying to find a book that I can use with my kindergartener. He is learning to read and struggles still. I needed something that was good for us to go through together, while staying true to the Christmas story. Since I couldn’t find anything, I thought I would just make one. […]

“Christmas I-Spy” Printable Worksheets


It’s Christmas time and we are all looking for fun activities to do in our classrooms. This free Christmas I-Spy game is a great one to use during class or even during a Christmas party. You can use this activity in a variety of ways. First of all, you could print out a copy of […]

Devotional – There is No “m-e” in Christmas…Only “H-I-M”

Christmas Devotional- There is no ME in Christmas only HIM

So I’m sitting here, it’s after Thanksgiving, and our Christmas decorations are up. Lights are sparkling, ornaments are hanging, and bells are ringing. It’s the happiest time of the year, right? I always have good intentions. I want to make this year the best year ever. I sit at my desk and plan, plan, plan. […]

Christmas Acrostic Poem Activity Sheet


Here is a great Christmas time activity to have your class take part in. This could be an individual or class project. Simply pass out the worksheet to the children in your class. Have them fill in a blessing for each letter in the word “Christmas”. For example: C=Christ, H=heaven, R=rain, etc. Click here to […]

Christmas Interview for Children & Families


Sometimes the children in our ministry are timid when it comes to talking to adults. This activity is a great way to get them to know some adults in the congregation in a quick and safe way. Click here to download and print Give each of the children in your ministry a copy of this […]