7 Days of Creation Song


The story of Creation is a familiar story that many churches do over and over. This is good, except, we may run out of things to do with the story. Singing is always a great activity for children. It gets them directly involved, moving, and thinking about what they are singing. This is what the "7 Days of Creation" song is for. I was thinking of Christmas and the song, "The … [Read more...]

Philippians Bible Verses: 14 Pages of Writing Practice Printables


Memorizing Scripture is an incredible activity for children to learn and to practice. Learning the Word of God and hiding it in your heart (Psalm 119:11) will truly help our children in the future. Knowing the Word will help it come to mind when they're in a difficult situation and need help getting through it. Since I homeschool, I need to have my children work on their … [Read more...]

Fruit of the Spirit Word Search

Fruit of the Spirit Word Search

Click on the preview image to download this free worksheet for kids based on the Fruit of the Spirit.┬áPage one of the download is the handout, page two is an answer key for leaders. "But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control; against such things there is no law." Galatians 5:22-23 Have you been … [Read more...]

“Adam to Noah Timeline” for Sunday School


How many times have you been reading through the Bible and completely skipped over Genesis 5, where the descendants of Adam are listed? I'm sure if you're anything like me, it's quite a few. For some reason, I just didn't think it was all that important. Then I was reading through it with my son and it occurred to me, "I wonder if any of these guys knew each other?" So I … [Read more...]

Teaching Skit – Tower of Babel


This skit was taken directly from the NASB version of Genesis 11:1-9. It tells the story of the Tower of Babel and how God changed the languages of the people. Before you start, talk with the children about how to listen to the words of the script and try to act out what is being read. This skit is really made to just be done in a classroom setting. It really helps the kids to … [Read more...]