Object Lessons About Self Control

"Self-Control" Bible Object Lessons

I believe God designed us to learn self-control during early childhood but for a number of reasons, this doesn’t always happen. Let’s be honest–some children have stronger wills than others and insist on touching the “hot stove” even when they are told not to.  Poor impulse control can manifest in different ways–constant interruptions during conversations, […]

Teaching a Negative Child


Teaching kids about the love of God is a privilege and a joy but what happens when your group includes a negative child? Everyone has a down day occasionally but this little one sees the glass half empty all the time. If it’s snack time, he bemoans the cookie and cracker selection. During the teaching […]

10 Things Kids Should Know About Bullies

Upset Boy near brick wall

Bullies are the pits. They can really make life hard for children and it is hard to remember at times that bullies are also children. That’s great information if you’re a teacher who has a bully in her classroom but what about the kid to whom bullies seem to gravitate. Perhaps he’s smaller than the […]

3 More “Fruit of the Spirit” Activities

Fruit of the Spirit Activities for Kids

Bearing spiritual fruit is proof that God is at work in your life! Even though they are small, this Bible principle applies to kids, too. However, kids won’t know about developing spiritual fruit if we don’t teach them. Include these fruit of the Spirit activities in your next lesson and watch the “spiritual lightbulbs” come […]

Do You Use the “Time Out” in Kids Church?

Do "time-outs" work in kids church?

What must parents think when they pop into kids’ church or Sunday School and find Junior sitting solo in time out? From experience, I can give you an idea. “What now?” and “Not here too…” I have been working in kids’ ministry for almost two decades and I totally get how “wonderful” the time out […]