Jericho March for Kids’ Church


We all know that God is a miracle-working God but have you ever paused to wonder why He performed so many miracles? I think one of the reasons why God would cause the sun to go backward or bring the walls of Jericho down is to show His people that nothing is impossible--if He is in the equation. As children’s pastors, we must teach kids about His miracles so they can see what … [Read more...]

Help for Parents: Preparing Kids for a New School Year

Helping kids adjust when they go back to school

Yeah! It's that time again--back to school. With all the uncertainty in the world, it's easy to see why parents would be a little fearful about sending them to school. As children's ministers we have the opportunity to help parents send their children back to school safely. Feel free to share these practical tips in your weekly bulletin, monthly newsletter or on the church … [Read more...]

Learning the Bible: Pizza Object Lesson


I believe in object lessons! Especially visual lessons that involve food, like pizza. If you want to grab kids' attention and teach them a valuable lesson about learning the Bible, try this pizza object lesson. It is a good idea to have some pizza on hand for snacking later, after the teaching. Supplies you'll need: Pizza recipe on an index card Pizza crust Pizza … [Read more...]

“Jellybean” Bible Object Lessons

Jelly Bean Bible Object Lessons

Small, sweet and colorful, this eye-catching candy can't help but attract attention. Bring a bag of jellybeans to kids' church or Sunday School as a visual aid for a special bible lesson. Once you have completed the demonstration, dole them out and share the candies with the class. (Have a bag of sugar-free candies available for diabetic or sugar-sensitive kids and adults.) … [Read more...]

3 Twitter-Inspired Game Ideas for Kids Ministry

Twitter games for children's ministry

Are your kids "tweeting"? If so, then you can put their Twitter knowledge to use in a fun teaching situation. Even if they don't know how to tweet yet, this micro-blogging, social networking site is great inspiration for Twitter-inspired games for kids ministry. How would the gospel look if it were tweeted to the followers of Christ? Ask yourself that question and then present … [Read more...]