Mother’s Day Themed Racing Game


Mother’s Day is upon us! You’ll probably have a full house in your children’s church or classroom. If you’d like to help out Mom and have kids burn a little energy before you send them home, try this racing game. Don’t let the word “race” scare you! If you keep the game simple and explain […]

Purse Object Lesson for Mother’s Day (Exodus 20:12)


A good mother is worthy of praise! She’s also a great example for an object lesson for Mother’s Day. This highly visual teaching will keep kids laughing and demonstrate the value of listening to their mother’s teachings. Ready to teach? What You’ll Need Large purse Small bible Pack of tissues Chewing gum Comb Mirror Anything […]

Table Games for Mother’s Day


Every holiday, it never fails. Kids are wound up! Especially if the holiday involves candy. Well, on Mother’s Day, I may have less of a problem with sugared-up children but it is still a good idea to have some table or sit down games ready to play. Of course, I do provide active games but […]

Comforter Object Lesson Ideas (John 14:16)


Kids can experience heartache, grief and sadness just like their grown up counterparts. They may be resilient and perhaps “snap back” a little faster than an adult (or not) but regardless of the length of time, the pain is real. Jesus’ promise in John 14:16 applies to children too! Remember this precious verse? And I […]

Pin the Corsage Mother’s Day Object Lesson (Proverbs 1:8)


Mother’s Day is upon us! What an awesome time to honor to the mothers in our church. You’ll probably be busy leading crafts and wrapping gifts to send home with the kids but don’t forget the lesson. Usually, on major holidays, I do spend a lot of time crafting with our groups but I always […]

Balloon & Rocks Object Lesson: The Weight of Sin (Romans 3:23)


Ready for another cool object lesson? With Passover and Easter so close it is a great time to teach kids about the weight of sin and how it affects the soul. Kids hear us say, “Jesus saves us,” but do they know from what? This balloon object lesson is ideal for demonstrating how sin weighs […]