Ideas for a 4th of July Party at Kids Church

Kids Fourth of July Party Picnic

Here’s another 4th of July idea for your children’s ministry or Sunday School. School is over but now you’ve got to contend with family vacations and lower church attendance in your ministry. There’s nothing wrong with taking a break but you do need to keep the excitement level up during the summer months. Hosting a 4th of […]

“Get Free” Object Lesson (Acts 16: 23-26) for Kids Sunday School

Freedom Object Lesson for Sunday School

This object lesson is all about getting free. If you have a set of keys, that’s all you need to teach children that sometimes, praise and worship can set us free! One of the most amazing true stories about freedom comes is memorialized in the Book of Acts, Chapter 16. Let’s check it out! After […]

Can You Hear Me God? (Psalm 17:6) Object Lesson for Sunday School


One of the biggest questions we ask God is, “Can you hear me?” No matter how old we get, it’s a nagging question we all have from time to time. The enemy would have us believe that God doesn’t hear us, that He gets tired of us, that we’ve gotten too far from that He […]

Freedom in Christ Object Lesson for Sunday School (Galatians 5:1)

Pledge to the Christian Flag

The Fourth of July is one of my favorite holidays—probably because I come from a military family. Something about seeing the national flag flying high that makes my heart sing! As I get older, I can see how valuable freedom is but there is a greater freedom than the kind our founders and veterans have […]

Object Lesson About Bitterness for Sunday School (Ephesians 4:31)


Bitterness isn’t just for grown-ups. These dangerous seeds can spring up in childhood too and once they grow, it can affect their entire lives. Teach kids about bitterness–what it means, how it affects them and how they can defeat it. Remember, it’s not a teach once and its’ done kind of issue. Revisit and confront […]

Tips for Dealing with an Angry Parent


Nobody said this job was easy but you probably never imagined that you’d ever be confronted by an angry parent but it happens. (That’s no slam to parents. Raising kids today is tough–unbelievably so.) But that doesn’t make the experience any less stressful/embarrassing/emotional. Maybe you’ve never had this happen to you but in the course […]

God Protects Us – Umbrella Object Lesson (Exodus 14:22) for Sunday School


God’s Word has is full of assurances that He will provide for us! He fills of our needs from physical to spiritual to emotional. That’s the truth! Although our Heavenly Father is aware of what needs we face and will face but He wants us to bring those needs to Him. What would happen if […]

Shine a Light Object Lesson for Sunday School (Matthew 5:16)

flashlight object lessons for kids ministry

“Let your light shine before men in such a way that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father who is in heaven.” That’s what Jesus tells us in Matthew 5:16. I love this verse because it’s such a powerful motivator for kids who want to serve God. When you break it down, […]