4 Reasons to Stay in Children’s Ministry


Children’s ministry is so rewarding but like all ministries, it can also be very demanding. Ministering to more than a handful of children each week can be wearing, physically and spiritually, no matter how much you love Jesus. Add in personal struggles, personal relationships and other stressors and you have plenty of reasons to walk […]

20 Things Kids Really Want to Say

20 Things Kids Really Want to Say

Serving in children’s ministry has been the best thing I’ve ever done! Aside from having two wonderful children of my own, I feel blessed to have ministered to thousands of kids around the US. That being said, you have to have tough skin and Duracell battery faith to work in kids min. I may be […]

5 Ways to Encourage Yourself in Kids Ministry

5 Ways to Encourage  Yourself

Children’s ministry is the ultimate thrill ride. As a children’s minister, I live in a constant bubble of excitement. What’s not to love about an office filled with colorful props, helium tanks and tons of cardboard? However, I would be wrong not to confess that sometimes I get discouraged. (I know, the shame of it […]

Bringing Back the Penny March – Kids Offering / Giving Idea


Although I didn’t have the privilege of attending church regularly as a child, I was occasionally allowed to ride the bus to VBS or some other special event at a nearby church. One of things I loved was walking down the aisle to contribute my change during the “penny march.” I liked the peppy little […]

Following Up After a Children’s Ministry Outreach


So much goes into evangelism, doesn’t it? Besides organizing volunteers, creating an itinerary and having a good attendance, you have to think about after the event too. You can’t just plan an outreach; you must lead your attendees to the next event like children’s church or summer camp. The key to growing your church could […]

4 Secrets to Relationship Building with Kids–and Parents!


Ecclesiastes says, “A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.” How true is that when it comes to raising Christian children? Parents could do it on their own but what if they had dedicated ministers on their side? It’s a possibility and all you need to do is build those relationships. So what are […]

Ideas for a 4th of July Party at Kids Church

Kids Fourth of July Party Picnic

Here’s another 4th of July idea for your children’s ministry or Sunday School. School is over but now you’ve got to contend with family vacations and lower church attendance in your ministry. There’s nothing wrong with taking a break but you do need to keep the excitement level up during the summer months. Hosting a 4th of […]

“Get Free” Object Lesson (Acts 16: 23-26) for Kids Sunday School

Freedom Object Lesson for Sunday School

This object lesson is all about getting free. If you have a set of keys, that’s all you need to teach children that sometimes, praise and worship can set us free! One of the most amazing true stories about freedom comes is memorialized in the Book of Acts, Chapter 16. Let’s check it out! After […]