Slime/Sin Bible Object Lesson (Romans 3:23,Galatians 5:19-21, Isaiah 64:6)

Slime/Sin Bible Object Lesson (Galatians 5:19-21, Isaiah 64:6)

The world may not want to hear about “sin” but that doesn’t make it any less real, does it? The Bible is very detailed about the evolution of sin, it begins as a thought, a temptation and we make the wrong choice, then we’ve sinned. The problem is God hates sin. He’ll forgive it if […]

Why Kids Need a Children’s Pastor


Kids need you, children’s pastor. Really, they do. You’re not just a guy with a cool title. Not just a woman who loves kids–you are anointed, called and were created for this purpose: To nurture, advocate for and encourage young believers. For you, children’s ministry isn’t just a faze–that’s because it’s in your DNA. It’s […]

7 Reasons Why Children’s Ministry Leaders Make the Best Friends


After nearly twenty years in children’s ministry, I can honestly say that kids’ min leaders make the best friends. Sure, I have friends who aren’t involved in ministry but some of my besties are straight up, die-hard children’s pastors. And it’s not just because we know all the same worship songs or because we all […]

Cowabunga Farms VBS 2016 by Regular Baptist Press

Cow-a-bunga VBS 2016 from Regular Baptist Press

“There are too many VBS options to choose from!” Said no children’s pastor, ever. Browse all the new 2016 VBS themes here. Well, maybe a few of us would say that. There is a lot to choose from and VBS 2016 is shaping up to be the year for options, including this down-on-the-farm offering called […]

Surf Shack VBS 2016 by Cokesbury

VBS 2016 Surf Shack by Cokesbury

Here’s another splash friendly VBS theme for 2016. From the story of the Creation to a breakfast on the beach, Cokesbury has you covered. If a beachy, surf theme appeals to you, Surf Shack might be the VBS choice for you. (Personally, I love any theme that uses bright colors and inflatables!) Here’s what Cokesbury […]

Ocean Commotion VBS 2016 by Answers in Genesis

Ocean Commotion VBS 2016 from Answers in Genesis

Ocean Commotion by Answers in Genesis has created some heartwarming ocean characters this year. In this VBS 2016 curriculum, attendees will meet Hydro the Whale, Hammer the Shark, Piers the Puffin, Paws the Sea Otter and Fin the Dolphin. Here’s what the company’s introduction says about this product: “Welcome to Ocean Commotion! Every day, our […]

Egypt – Joseph’s Journey VBS 2016 by Group Publishing

Egypt Joseph's Journey VBS 2016 from Group Publishing

Here’s another VBS theme for 2016 that has lots of ministry directors excited! Egypt played an important role in the events of the bible—just take a look at the life of Joseph! It is still an interesting place to explore. Both adults and children are fascinated with this historical place. Egypt by Group is a […]

Expedition Norway VBS 2016 by Group


Here’s another exciting option for your 2016 VBS theme. Expedition Norway by Group has an interesting offer for children’s ministry leaders who want to teach a cross-cultural curriculum. Group says, “Help kids see the big picture—an exciting world of faith beyond their own backyard.” The official website gives this tidbit: Not an expert on Norway? […]