“SonSpring Oasis” VBS 2016 from Gospel Light

SonSpring VBS 2016 Gospel Light

When preparing our 2016 VBS theme reviews we came across this sad news! SonSpring Oasis VBS 2016 Postponed …. Our course for 2016, SonSpring Oasis, has been put on-hold due to our recent voluntary filing for Chapter 11 reorganization under the United States Bankruptcy Code. You can read more on what would have been the […]

Top 100 Children’s Ministry Blogs of 2015

Top 100 Children's Ministry Blogs 2015 Edition

Even in the age of Facebook and Pinterest, there are still many blogs about kids ministry that deserve your attention. That’s why we’re updating our list of the top 100 children’s ministry blogs for 2015. Browse the list below and you’ll discover new inspiration and help. If you have a blog, you can add this badge. This […]

“If the Son Sets You Free” Object Lesson on Freedom from Sin (John 8:35-36)

Freedom from Sin Object Lesson & Activity

We used this participation object lesson with our Kindergarten Sunday School class when teaching about freedom from Sin. It’s fairly flexible and could fit a variety of lesson plans about children and salvation. Here’s the basic version: Supplies: toilet paper or paper towels Bible Verse: Jesus answered them, “Truly, truly, I say to you, everyone who […]

“Christian Flag” Snack & Craft Idea for July 4th

Christian Flag Craft & Snack Idea for Sunday School

This is a simple snack & craft combination we are using in our Kindergarten Sunday School class. It’s part of our 4th of July lesson plan that is focused on the freedom that Jesus gives us from sin. Supplies: graham crackers, white frosting, blue & red gel decorative icing Christian Flag Craft & Snack Directions […]

Jesus Feeds 5,000 Coloring Page

Jesus Feeds 5000 Coloring Page - Free PDF download

Use this illustration of Jesus and the small boy as a coloring page in your Sunday School. It’s based on the passage in Matthew 14:13-21 where Jesus feeds five thousand people when a young boy shares his lunch of fish and bread. Click on the image above to download the print-friendly file. We’ve also uploaded […]

Pledge to the Bible

Pledge to the Bible

The Holy Bible is the at the center of any Christian’s devotion to Jesus Christ. This simple Bible pledge reflects the importance of God’s Word and it’s role in the life of a believer. This is a popular pledge in church VBS programs. It’s often recited alongside the the Christian and American flag pledge as children […]

Pledge of Allegiance to the American Flag (Free Printable)

Pledge of Allegiance - American Flag  Printable

Many in our generation grew up reciting the Pledge of Allegiance at the beginning of each school day. For kids in our ministry, those days are long gone. Honoring our God & Country has fallen out of favor in many public schools in this country. However, these words are still to be heard in many VBS programs when […]

Pledge to the Christian Flag

Printable Christian Flag Pledge

The Christian Flag is displayed in many churches across America. It plays a role in many Vacation Bible School programs when students join together in their pledge time each morning during the opening assembly. This short verbal affirmation is typically recited along with a pledge to the American Flag and one also to the Bible. […]