Video: Last Supper Story for Kids

Good Friday Video for Children

Here’s another excellent video from CrossRoads Kids Club. It’s part of their “God’s Story” series and teaches about the Lord’s Supper in a child friendly approach. Download the video by going HERE. They also have a printable poster about this story. It’s designed for families to observe Good Friday together. Institution of the Lord’s Supper (Luke 22:14-23 […]

Responding When Kids Use the “R” Word


When I  was growing up, the word “retarded” didn’t seem like a big deal. If a friend was being foolish we might say, “Stop being a retard.” If a school policy didn’t make sense we might say, “That’s just retarded.” It was one of many hurtful words they crept into adolescent vocabulary. We were wrong. […]

Get this Bible for your kids – like yesterday


Have you heard about the new animated story Bible app from the makers of YouVersion? It works with Android, Kindle Fire, and iPad. This free program doesn’t require kids to set up an account — no ads either! Another key point, it works offline once the story content is downloaded. For each story, the 2D […]

Save Your Kids from Hating the Church, Before Its Too Late

Save your kids from hating the church

Pastor’s kids are prone to rebel against the church. The problem is so common it’s become a stereotype. The same dangers affect MKs (missionary kids) and SKs (staff kids) and DKs (deacon’s kids). Every ministry volunteer should take this seriously. After all – What does it profit if gain all the kids for Jesus, but lose our […]

52 Kid-Friendly Bible Memory Verses

52 Kid-Friendly Bible Memory Verses

The new year is starting, so this is a perfect time to build scripture memory into your family & ministry. With the help of other readers, I’ve collected this list to get you started. Some verses are shorted, but not edited to make them easier for children to comprehend. All verses are based on the […]