52 Kid-Friendly Bible Memory Verses

52 Kid-Friendly Bible Memory Verses

The new year is starting, so this is a perfect time to build scripture memory into your family & ministry. With the help of other readers, I’ve collected this list to get you started. Some verses are shorted, but not edited to make them easier for children to comprehend. All verses are based on the […]

Kids church is not some kind of Chuck E Jesus’

Kids church is not some kind of "Chuck E Jesus'."

Can we play a game… We should play a game… Can we play a game now… Her tone of voice was more demanding than you’d expect. After all, this little angel was only in kindergarten and usually gave me no trouble. But not today – she was in rare form. The lesson wasn’t enough to keep […]

“Strong Together” Object Lesson about the Church


Try this simple object lesson to teach children the importance of the church community in their lives. Main Idea: We are stronger together, the church is a group of friends who help each other follow Jesus. Items Needed: Several heavy books. We used unwrapped story Bibles. Suggested Verses: Ecclesiastes 4:12 —  Though a man might […]

Hot Topic: When should children “move up” from kids church?


Our post about church nursery brought out some interesting discussion about the pro’s/con’s of younger children being present during the pastor’s sermon. Many patents have strong convictions about this topic, but I will risk a little disagreement to hear what you think. Please leave your thoughts below. One note – respectful debate is welcome, but […]

VIDEO: The Lord’s Prayer in ASL Sign Language


Learning the Lord’s Prayer in American Sign Language is another way to help children internalize and retain this scripture passage. Some children’s ministries will even have the class present their work to the congregation on Sunday morning. We found this video on YouTube that teaches the sign language movements for Jesus’ model prayer in Matthew […]