Our 5 Most Popular Easter Resources

Print-Friendly Easter Resources

Over the years, we've shared dozens of free children's ministry resources for Easter. The full list is a little overwhelming for new readers! So here are the most popular of our collection along with easy to download formats. For download files, it's sometimes easier to right-click the link and select "save as." 1. Easter Coloring Sheets - Browse or simply download them in … [Read more...]

Video: Last Supper Story for Kids

Good Friday Video for Children

Here's another excellent video from CrossRoads Kids Club. It's part of their "God's Story" series and teaches about the Lord's Supper in a child friendly approach. Download the video by going HERE. https://vimeo.com/30378807 They also have a printable poster about this story. It's designed for families to observe Good Friday together. Institution of the Lord's … [Read more...]

“A Dad’s Gotta Do What a Dad’s Gotta Do”

"A Dad's Gotta Do What a Dad's Gotta Do" Book Review

Fellow children's pastor Mark Jones just sent me a copy of his book, "A Dad's Gotta Do What a Dad's Gotta Do." I normally don't write book reviews, but Mark is a friend and this book was a fun read with my kids. So, here's what I like about this book: I'm a grouchy dad, especially in the morning. This book helps me think about my morning routine and ho w I might do … [Read more...]

Responding When Kids Use the “R” Word


When I  was growing up, the word "retarded" didn't seem like a big deal. If a friend was being foolish we might say, "Stop being a retard." If a school policy didn't make sense we might say, "That's just retarded." It was one of many hurtful words they crept into adolescent vocabulary. We were wrong. I'm ashamed now to even type those examples. Using the r-word is both … [Read more...]

Get this Bible for your kids – like yesterday


Have you heard about the new animated story Bible app from the makers of YouVersion? It works with Android, Kindle Fire, and iPad. This free program doesn't require kids to set up an account -- no ads either! Another key point, it works offline once the story content is downloaded. For each story, the 2D layered graphics draw your attention while high quality narration … [Read more...]